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   There are many famous battlefields and historical sites that we could visit and explore to help us learn more about the American Revolution.  One such site is right in our own backyard.  Let's visit...

National Park Service: Morristown

Captain Nathan Hale's ExecutionFamous Figures of the American Revolution

     You have been studying the American Revolution in Social Studies. 
Now let's walk in the shoes of some of the people who made it all happen!

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Here are some Revolutionary War historical figures you may choose to research for this project.  

Abigail Adams  our Second First Lady.

Adams, Abigail Smith - biography of the second First Lady.  You might also search for more information at  Women's History   and Encyclopedia Britannica's 300 Women Who Changed the WorldAbigail Smith Adams from MHS.

John Adams

Adams, John   - member of the first Continental Congress and signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Also visit John Adams from MHS)

Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams was John Adams' cousin and also an excellent politician.  He and John spent a lot of time and effort encouraging the resistance.
Ethan Allen  - leader of the Green Mountain Boys.  

The Virtual Vermonter also has a brief biography on Ethan Allen.

Benedict Arnold - American Revolutionary War hero who later fought on the side of the British.

Read more about Benedict Arnold and Benedict Arnold.

Crispus Attucks

Attucks, Crispus -first casualty of the American Revolution.  Read more about Crispus Attucks.

Benjamin Franklin OR Benjamin Franklin

Franklin, Benjamin - Businessman, Writer, Publisher, Scientist, Diplomat, Legislator and more.  Visit PBS or Hero History for more information on this amazing man. A Quick Biography of Ben Franklin or Ben's Guide to Government might be your best resources.
Nathanael Greene

Greene, Nathanael - 3rd Quartermaster General between 1778 and 1780.

Nathan Hale - first captured American spy.

Patriot Nathan Hale was hanged.

Alexander Hamilton - first secretary of the treasury.  

Visit the exhibit of Alexander Hamilton's was a strange and amazing life.  Read about Hamilton and Burr Duel at America's Library.

John Hancock- American politician and the first to sign the Declaration of Independence.

John Hancock from America's Library and at Signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Patrick Henry - famous for his Liberty or Death speech.

Brief biography also available at

John Jay - represented New York in the Continental Congress and was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Brief biography also available at

Thomas Jefferson - American Revolutionary leader and author of the Declaration of Independence. 

Thomas Jefferson - 3rd President of the United States. Visit Jefferson's home,  Monticello, to learn more.

Marquis de Lafayette - French soldier and ardent supporter of the American Revolution
Richard Henry Lee - American patriot and statesman.  He introduced the resolution declaring American Independence.

Read more at Richard Henry Lee.

Dolley Madison - a sparkling personality and kind heart made her the perfect first lady.

Read more about Dolley Madison at the University of Virginia.

James Madison - 4th president of the United States.
John Marshall - served with George Washington at Valley Forge.

 John Marshall served as Chief Justice on the Supreme Court for 34 years.

James Monroe - 5th president of the United States.
Thomas Paine - philosopher and writer known for writing Common Sense.

Read more on Thomas Paine.  You might also visit The Thomas Paine National Historical Association and US

Molly Pitcher (Molly Hays McCauly) brought water to soldiers in battle and manned a gun at the Battle of Monmouth.

Find out more at Historic Valley Forge.

Paul Revere - known for his midnight ride warning of the coming of the British.

Visit the Paul Revere House to learn more.

Betsy Ross - seamstress generally credited with making the first American flag.
Mercy Otis Warren

Warren, Mercy Otis - wrote the first history of the Revolutionary War.

George Washington

Washington, George (1732-1799) - 1st president
Explore more at his beloved home, Mount Vernon.  

Martha Washington

Washington, Martha -our first First Lady.  Visit the National First Ladies' Library to read more.

Phillis Wheatley - poet and first African American to publish a book.  

Phillis Wheatley in America's Library.

You can also visit Achieving Early America.  She was a woman of many firsts.

You may also want to check:

The American Revolutionary War Links at Gunston Middle School.

World Book Online - - Start your research here to get some basic information about your topic.  (Please ask your librarian for your Login ID and Password.)

This ThinkQuest site is fantastic!

If you are in school doing your research, type the name of your famous person into the OPAC and explore other websites provided through "Webpath Express".

RECORD YOUR RESOURCES on your Bibliography (Works Cited) sheet.

America's Story from America's Library:  The Revolutionary Period



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