(Collectables COL-CD-0534, 1994)

Andy Rating:

("Group" on cover circa Indian Giver, poor liner notes)

1. Simon Says
2. Pop Goes The Weasel
3. May I Take A Giant Step
Bubble Gum World
Special Delivery
6. The Train
7. When We Get Married
One, Two, Three Red Light
9. Sticky, Sticky
Goody Goody Gumdrops
Indian Giver
12. Mighty Quinn
13. Reflections From The Looking Glass
14. Poor Old Mr. Jenson

15. Candy Kisses
16. No Good Annie
17. Baby Bret

Like the Ohio Express companion CD, this set is heavy on the hits and soft on useful information. This is one example where a liner-note writer puts forth the idea that Joey Levine was the lead singer for the Fruitgums. Geez, that's a rookie mistake even I've never made! And all the typos in the song list are as printed on the inlay card of the CD case, so I'm thinking this was put together over a liquid lunch break! What they got right was the song selection. The hits are here as well as the rare When We Get Married and Sticky, Sticky. Baby Bret poses a problem: Is this Ohio Express song (called Nothing Sweeter Than My Baby on their CHEWY CHEWY album and sung by Joey Levine) really a B-Side to Married or is this some sort of cross-over K&K filler joke? No matter, this is a great collection that only has one major omission in my mind, Soul Struttin', and one unnecessary inclusion, Mighty Quinn. These are mere quibbles. Get it if you can, Andy Says.



* Andy Ratings:

1 Sun = Barely qualifies as Bubblegum; for collectors only.

2 Suns = Not a party starter, that's for sure!

3 Suns = On the edge of Bubblegum worthiness.

4 Suns = Bubble Blowin' Fun!

5 Suns = The Bubblegum Bomb! Get this now!