HAPPY SONGS (Hansa 82579 IT - Germany) 1970

HAPPY SONGS (Discodis STEC LP 108 - France) 1970

Happy Song (2:30) (M. Gutkowski/T.Gutkowski)
The Clock (2:12) (M. Gutkowski/T.Gutkowski)
Marry Wanna (2:18) (A. Roberts)
Sweetness Of Soul (2:18) (J. Tragas)
Bingo (1:58) (R. Spencer/B. Gentry)
Lawdy Lawdy (3:12) (M. Gutkowski/T.Gutkowski)
Go Out In The Rain (2:12) (Copyright Control)
Candy Cane (1:57) (G. Willet/S. Dwarkin)
Feelin' It (3:06) (P. Karwan)
Cheer To You (2:40) (C. Trois)

A Super K Production - A Product of Kasenetz Katz Assoc. Inc


Thanks to Doug for tracking down this European-only release and providing the photos.
Here's what he had to say on the Yahoo! Classic Bubblegum Music Group:

Sorry about that...I've discussed this a few times in the group and included a track from it ("Mary Wanna") in one of my Bubblegum Whatever volumes, so I assumed everyone was up to speed.  Here's what I think I know:

 "Happy Songs" is the last proper 1910 Fruitgum Co. LP and seems to have been released only in two countries: in Germany to back up the 45 "Lawdy Lawdy" and in France perhaps without a 45 tie-in.  It's a strange combination of then-newly-recorded Mark Gutkowski penned-and-produced tracks (for example, "Lawdy Lawdy" and "Happy Song"), leftovers from previous sessions ("Mary Wanna" was originally slated to appear on the "Indian Giver" LP, while "Bingo" is co-written by Bo Gentry and therefore most likely from his period of involvement), and what sounds like perhaps "Hard Ride"-era outtakes.

 That's all fine, but whoever mastered the LP should be ashamed, because I've never heard so much tape hiss in all my life.  This is just conjecture, but it sounds to me like someone tried to do that fakey "simulated stereo" thing that was popular back then and screwed it up royally.  The hiss varies from track to track and is less heinous on the French pressing than the German one, but neither pressing contains acceptable sound quality.

 I've done what I can to make the LP listenable--recorded the 45 versions of "Lawdy Lawdy" and "The Clock" instead of the LP tracks and recorded everything as wav files that I then turned into 320 kpbs mp3s--but I find that hiss filters usually create too many sound artifacts so didn't use one.  If anyone has a program with a hiss filter they feel does NOT leave behind unwanted sounds, let me know.  I'd love to properly clean up the entire LP.

 As I mentioned in the email with the link to the LP, I've included photos of the front and back covers of both the German and French copies I have.  And if anyone has more or better information on how this LP came to be, please chime in! - DOUG

 And here's Glenn's informative reply:

In case anyone is still interested in the "Happy Songs" "album" by "1910 Fruitgum Co." (there's a reason for all  those quotes), I've found that at least 6 of the 10 songs on it are available on CD, five of them in identical versions as far as I can tell. The sixth, "Bingo", is available in a different
version as "Bingo, Bingo" on the Super K Kollection Volume 2.

So here's a list of where you can find the other five tracks from "Happy Songs" that I found on CD:

1) The Clock - The Super K Kollection Vol. 1, Track 8
2) The Sweetness of Soul - The Super K Kollection Vol. 1,
Track 11. The artist on the CD is listed as Fat Man's Music
Festival, but it is the same recording on the "Happy Songs"
album where it is credited to 1910 Fruitgum Co.
3) Go Out In The Rain - The Super K Collection Vol. 2, Track
4) Candy Cane - The Ohio Express - The Super K Kollection,
Track 4. Again, the exact same recording. Attributed to the
Ohio Express on a CD collection of their Super K years, but
the "Happy Songs" LP, which certainly precedes the CD
timewise, is supposedly an album entirely by the 1910
Fruitgum Co..
5) Feelin' It - The Super K Kollection, Vol. 2, Track 14.
The Super K Kollection CD lists the artist of "Feelin' It"
as Crossfire, but it is the same recording as the one used
on the Happy Songs album by 1910 Fruitgum Co.

I would venture a guess that the songs credited to other artists on CD were indeed by other artists, not the 1910 Fruitgum Co., which oddly enough is one of the few bubblegum groups which had some cred as to actually existing. So this shoddy "album" doesn't do them any good for any kind of credibility, which is probably why it didn't come out here.

But if you're like Doug and that tape hiss drives you crazy, at least half of the album is available on CD, albeit credited to the groups that most likely really did the songs. - GLENN