Born Andrew Joachim in Montreal, Canada in December 1952, Andy Kim was a child singer and performer whose interests soon turned to songwriting and running away from home. On one of his many trips to New York City, Andy met writer and producer Jeff Barry and, in 1968, signed to Barry's Steed label. With hits not forthcoming, Kim signed with MCA in 1972. Lacking success in America, Kim and his brother Joe decided to start their own label, Ice. His debut release was to have been his own production of Rock Me Gently but a tape of the song was heard by the suits at Capitol who offered him a contract and rushed the record into release. It reached #1 in the charts in 1974.

With Jeff Barry, Andy Kim wrote for the Archies and, although Rock Me Gently, is certainly not bubblegum, How'd We Ever Get This Way and Rainbow Ride are two shining examples of bubblegum. With Barry, Kim also wrote for the Monkees and their songs Oh My My, I Love You Better and Do You Feel It Too? appeared on their Changes album. Kim stopped recording in 1976 but returned under the name Baron Longfellow with two albums: a self-titled LP in 1980 and Prisoner By Design in 1984. He also sang background vocals in the 1990 soundtrack to Edward Scissorhands. Kim is another in a long list of over-looked bubblegum greats and, like so many others, the more you hear the more you like.



HOW'D WE EVER GET THIS WAY (Steed/DOT ST 37001) 1968
RAINBOW RIDE (Steed ST 37002) 1969
BABY, I LOVE YOU (Steed/Quality ST 37004) 1969
ROCK ME GENTLY (ICE/London ICE 100) 1974
ANDY KIM'S GREATEST HITS (Steed ST 37008/ABC Records DSDP-50193) 1974


How'd We Ever Get This Way/Are You (Steed/DOT 707) 1968
Shoot 'Em Up Baby/Ordinary Kind Of Girl (Steed/DOT 710) 1968
Rainbow Ride/Resurrection (Steed/DOT 711) 1968
Tricia Tell Your Daddy/Foundation Of My Soul (Steed/DOT 715) 1969
Baby, I Love You/Gee Girl (Steed/DOT 716) 1969
So Good Together/I Got To KNow (Steed/DOT 720) 1969
A Friend In The City/You (Steed/DOT 723) 1969
It's Your Life/To Be Continued (Steed/DOT 727) 1970
Be My Baby/Love That Little Woman (Steed/DOT 729) 1970
I Wish I Were/Walkin' My La De Da (Steed 731) 1971
I've Been Moved/If I Had You Here (Steed/DOT 734) 1971
Rock Me Gently/Rock Me Gently - Part II (Capital 3895) 1974


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