Although it has been proven that Bubblegum freezes and cracks easily in northern Holland, for a brief time it flourished in the person of one Johannes Bouwens. That's George Baker to you and me. George and the Selection certainly started with Bubblegum leanings. Their first album, LITTLE GREEN BAG, contained not only the classic title song but the equally smackable Fly and the adventurous Goodbye as well. The remainder of the songs lean more towards country and a bit a smaltz, but are still a lot of fun with enough Bubblegum around the edges to qualify as a genre high-point. Although George had great success with this "experimental pop" he soon abandoned it in favor of Vegas-style weepers only a sweaty lounge lizard would appreciate (see below). In fact, that antichrist of pop -- embodied in the song Paloma Blanca -- was all his doing, thereby dooming George to swim many laps in Hell's lake of fire. Oh, but that first album is an underrated Classic Bubblegum classic!


LITTLE GREEN BAG (Colossus CS-1002) 1970


Little Green Bag/Pretty Little Dreamer (Colossus 112) 1970

Dear Ann/Fly (Colossus 117) 1970

I Wanna Love You/Impressions (Colossus 124) 1970

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