Oh, it's always a sunshine day with these cute little bugs. I know you've heard this before but I don't remember seeing this show on TV. I wish I could say that I've never heard this album either. None of the songs are memorable and some -- like Older Woman -- are unintentionally funny. These songs had to be rejects from other groups and the "band" gives elevator music a bad name. If you have more information about this "group" please feel free to enlighten me. If you have less information, I'd appreciate that as well.     



BUGALOOS (Capitol SW-621) 1970

If You Become A Bugaloo (2:11) (Hal Yoergler)
The Senses Of Our World (3:03) (Hal Yoergler)

For A Friend (2:29) (J. Hirschhorn - A. Kasha)
Believe (2:41) (Hal Yoergler)
It's New To You (2:27) (Hal Yoergler)
Fly Away With Us (2:39) (Hal Yoergler)
Older Woman (2:31) (Hal Yoergler)
Just The Memory Stays Around (3:01) (Hal Yoergler)
Gna Gna Gna Gna Gna (2:14) (C. Fox - S. Rosa)
Castles In The Air (2:27) (J. Hirschhorn - A. Kasha)
The Bugaloos (2:11) (C. Fox - N. Gimbel)

Produced by Hal Yoergler



For A Friend/The Senses Of Our World (Capitol 2946) 1970

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