Not every late 1960'/early 1970's Saturday morning kiddie show aspired to the cartoon gumminess of the Archies, Cattanooga Cats, or Groovie Goolies. Even fewer of the live-action entries reached for that same gum-smacking goodness attained by the Banana Splits and Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution. Some didn't even try.
Heck, some didn't even sing and release long-playing LP's!
This page is dedicated to those who saw the bubblegum challenge and passed.


Kirshner 108 (Stereo), 1970

The Globetrotters Theme
Bouncin' All Over The World
Sneaky Pete
Marathon Mary
River Queen
House Party
Lillia Peabody
Put A Little Meat On Your Bones, Lucinda
Rainy Day Bells
Cheer Me Up

1. Super Snooper
2. Part 1 (Story)
3. Part 2 (Story)
4. Gold Pinky
5. Part 3 (Story)
6. Dr. Oh No
7. Part 4 (Story)
8. Part 5 (Story)
9. James Bomb

Consisting mostly of  a plot-heavy, witless story sprinkled with a few not spy-worthy or even memorable songs. No wonder I never heard of it!

1. Squiddly
2. Surfin' Song
3. Surf Is Up Today
4. Surf Busters
5. "Hot-Doggin" Man
6. Ho-Dad
7. Nose Rider
8. Surf Bunny
9. Shoot The Tube
10. Gremmies
11. Hang Ten
12. Surfer's Hall Of Fame

Missing In Animation:

Kids from C.A.P.E.R. (Kirshner 34347)
(The Civilian Authority for the Protection of Everybody Regardless)
Contains one song co-written by Ron Dante of the Archies.