Country (lead singer/guitarist) (voiced by Bill Callaway)
Kitty Jo (singer/dancer) (voiced by Julie Bennett)
Scoots (bassist)  (voiced by Jim Begg)
Groove (drummer)  (voiced by Casey Kasem)

Another Saturday morning cartoon entry from the Hanna-Barbera litter. These rockin' hillbilly cartoon cats were obviously feline fine as they produced one gummy LP with vocal help from Michael Lloyd & Peggy Clinger. Lloyd, as you recall, was the talent behind the folky, sunshine pop sound of The Smoke and October Country. 

Forward ST-F 1018

Side One
Mother May I
How Did I Ever Get So Lucky
Wait A Minute For Country
Mt Group Has Too Many Cavities
Alle Alle Oxen Free

Side Two
Cattanooga Cats Theme
Country Carnival
Johnny Johnny Jump-Up
My Girl Friend Is A Witch
My Birthday Suit
Merry Go 'Round

All songs written by Anihanbar/Mike Curb

Produced by Mike Curb & Michael Lloyd



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