Songs too noisy to leave in the house and too valuable to toss in the back yard, an appropriate description for music forged on greasy floors in well-scrubbed American suburbia. It was here where Buddy Holly first heard a cricket, trash cans provided that perfect percussive element, and group members changed alliances and went solo in the space of an afternoon. A pleasant valley answer to the British invasion that ultimately had no answer for the hippie movement, packaged pop, and progressive doodling that wrapped the 60's up for the soon-to-disappoint 70's.

You may be able to count the hits on one hand but to a legion of fans, 60's garage rock was the beginning, end, and all of rock 'n' roll. Sub-genres? You bet. Psychedelic, Sunshine Pop, Freak Beat, Bubblegum . . . garage was an open door to all the misfits unfit for the Top 40 but I bet you'd remember  more of these songs if only you could hear them again. Buy the Rhino NUGGETS box sets (!) and relive and reverberate the most uniquely indigenous sound of rock 'n' roll.

(In case you were wondering where all the big hits went, go to WPOP and you will find the most successful of the classic garage and psychedelic bands well represented. Marvel at the hits of Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Kingsmen, McCoys, Shadows Of Knight (also lurking in the bubblegum list) and Them.

006 - Like What, Me Worry
13th Floor Elevators - Tried To Hide
13th Floor Elevators - You're Gonna Miss Me
14th Wray - Your Face Is On My Mind
2 3rds - 2 3rd Baby
25th Hour - Love Is A Beautiful Thing
31st Of February - Sandcastles
3's A Crowd - Coat Of Colours
3's A Crowd - I Don't Wanna Drive You Away
4 Of Us - Feel a Whole Lot Better
5 Of A Kind - Please Tell Me (They Were Wrong)
5am Event - Hungry
5th Estate - Don't You Know
5th Estate - Love Is All A Game
5th Estate - Love That's All I'm Thinking Of
5th Estate - So Little Time
5X5 - Fire
A Passing Fancy - I Believe In Sunshine
A Passing Fancy - I'm Losing Tonight
A.M.Gately - Battle In The City
Abel Fletcher - Esmeralda
Accent - Red Sky At Night
Acoustics - My Rights
Act Of Creation - Yesterday Noontime
Action - I'll Keep Holding On
Action - Never Ever
Action - Shadows & Reflections
Adjéčf The Poet - Ieek, I'm A Freak
Aerovons - Alright
Aerovons - World Of You
Afex - She's Got The Time
Afterglow - Dream Away
Age Of Reason - (Your Love) Is Like A Magnet
Age Of Reason - Dirty Shame
Al Stewart - Turn To Earth
Alan Bown - Little Lesley
Alan Bown - We Can Help You
Alan Bown! - Toyland
Alan Brown Band - Violin Shop
All 6 - Baby, Hold On
Allusions - Fever (Burns My Brains)
Almond Lettuce - To Henry With Hope
Almond Marzipan - Summer Love
Ambertones - I Can Only Give You Everything
Amboy Dukes - Journey To The Center Of The Mind
American Blues - Say So
American Breed - Keep The Faith
American Breed - Master Of My Fate
American Breed - Mindrocker
American Dream - Love Is A Beautiful Thing
American Dream - Tioga
American Revolution - Rainbow In The Rain
American Zoo - Magdalena
American Zoo - Where Am I
Anders 'N' Poncia - Virgin To The Night
Angel Pavement - Baby You've Gotta Stay
Angel Pavement - Tell Me What I've Got To Do
Angel Pavement - When Will I See June Again
Animated Egg - Hard Times
Animated Egg - T-omorrow
Annie Philippe - C'est La Mode
Answer - I'll Be In
Answer - Why You Smile
Aorta - Shapes Of Things To Come
Aphrodite's Child - It's Five O'Clock
Aphrodite's Child - Magic Mirror
Apollos - That's The Breaks
Apollo's Apache's - Boss Be Good to Me
Appletree Theatre - Hightower Square
Appletree Theatre - Who Do You Think I Am
Aquarian Age - 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box
Aquarian Age - 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box
Arbors - I Can't Quit Her - For Emily, Wherever I
May Find Her
Arbors - Okalona River Bottom Band
Arch Of Triumph - My Year Is A Day
Argent - Telescope
Ariane - Tu voudrais que j'oublie
Arkay IV - Little Girl
Art Guy - Where You Gonna Go
Art Movement - Game Of Love
Art Nouveaux - Extra-Terrestrial Visitations
Ashes - Is There Anything I Can Do
Ashley Brothers - Open My Eyes
Association - Come On In
Astronauts -You Gotta Let Me Go
Atlantics - Come On
Attack - Lady Orange Peel
Audience - Eye To Eye
Australian Playboys - Sad
Autumn - Looking Through The Eyes Of A Beautiful
Autumn - My Little Girl
Avengers - Everyone's Gonna Wonder
Avengers - Love Hate Revenge
B.B. Brothers - Balla Balla
Baby Ray - House On Soul Hill
Bad Roads - Till The End Of The Day
Badge - Gettin' In Over My Head
Baker Knight & The Knightmares - Hallucinations
Balloon Farm - Hurtin' For Your Love
Barbarians - Hey Little Bird
Barbarians - Moulty
Bare Facts - Bad Part Of Town
Baroque Monthly - You Are Your Only Mystery
Baroques - Bicycle
Baroques - Mary Jane
Baroques - Nothing Left To Do But Cry
Barracuda - I Feel So Down
Barron Knights - You're All I Need
Barry Booth - Mole
Barry Lee Show - I Don't Want To Love You
Barry Wigley - Brother Jack
Baskerville Hounds - Baby Am I Losing
Bats - You Look Good Together
Baytovens - Such A Fool
Baytovens - Waiting For You
Beach-niks - Last Night I Cried
Beatschuppen - Freak Off
Beatschuppen - Have Love Will Travel
Beatschuppen - I Haven't Got The Nerve
Beatschuppen - Why Do I Cry (live)
Beau Brummels - Laugh, Laugh
Beau Havens - Feel So Good
Beaumonts - She Treats Me Right
Beavers - Why Baby Why
Beeds - Love Hurts
Beeds - Run To Her
Bees - Voices Green And Purple
Beloved Ones - My Year Is A Day
Bengt & Pontus - Didn't You Hear Me
Benjamin Carry Ltd. - Old Man
Bentley Road - Kill The Cobra
Bergen White - Lisa Was
Berkeley Kites - Alice In Wonderland
Best Things - Chicks Are For Kids
Betty & Karen - I'm Not Satisfied
Bill Deal & The Rhondels - I Live In The Night
Bill Fay - Screams In The Ears
Bill Kenwright & The Runaways - I Want To Go Back
There Again
Bill Soden - My Mermaid And Me
Bill Wendry & The Boss Tweeds - Tryin To Get To You
Billy Bud - The Love Revolution
Billy Elder - Don't Take The Night Away
Billy Nicholls - London Social Degree
Birds - No Good Without You Baby
Birds - Say Those Magic Words
Birdwatchers - I'm Gonna Love You Anyway
Birdwatchers - Just Be Yourself
Birmingham Sunday - Mr. Waters (The Judge)
Bit' A Sweet - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
Bittersweets - Another Chance
Bittersweets - Hurtin' Kind
Blades Of Grass - Just Another Face
Blinkers - Dreams Secondhand
Blond - Sun In Her Hand
Blonde - Six White Horses
Blonde On Blonde - Castles In The Sky
Blossom Toes - When The Alarm Clock Rings
Blox - Hangin' Out
Blue Gravel Rock Band - Respect
Blue Gravel Rock Band - Summer Rain
Blue Marble Faun - Blue Monday
Blue Maxi - Famous Last Words
Blue Phantom - Diodo
Blues Invention - Mystery Man
Blues Magoos - (We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet
Blues Magoos - Gotta Get Away
Blues Magoos - The People Had No Faces
Blues Magoos - Tobacco Road
Blues Project - No Time Like The Right Time
Bo Street Runners - Drive My Car
Bob Dileo - Band In Boston
Bob Rains & Admiral Strange - Wastin' My Time
Bob Troy - I Never Worry
Bobby Paris - I Walked Away
Bobby Vee - (I'm Into Lookin' For) Someone To Love
Bobby Vee - Come Back When You Grow Up
Bohanna - Nightime Lady
Bold - Gotta Get Some
Boots - But You'll Never Do It Babe
Boots - Gaby
Boyce & Hart - In The Night
Boyce & Hart - Love Every Day
Boyce & Hart - P.O. Box 9847
Boyce & Hart - Strawberry Girl
Boyce & Hart - Thanks For Sunday
Boys Blue - Take A Heart
Breakthru' - Julius Caesar
Brendan Phillips - Is It Worth A Try
Brendan Phillips - When She's Kissing Me
Brigadune - I'll Cry Out From My Grave (God I'm
Brigands - (Would I Still Be) Her Big Man
British Walkers - Girl Can't Help It (65)
British Walkers - Shake
Brogues - But Now I Find
Brogues - Don't Shoot Me Down
Brogues - I Ain't No Miracle Worker
Brut - My Kind Of Feeling
Brym Stonz Ltd - You'll Be Mine
Bubble Puppy - Hot Smoke & Sassafras
Bubble Puppy - Secrets of the Golden Shrine
Bubble Puppy - Thinkin' About Thinkin'
Buccaneers - You Got What I Want
Buchanan Brothers - Get Down With The People
Buckinghams - C'mon Home
Buckinghams - Don't Want To Cry
Buckinghams - Song Of The Breeze
Buckle - I've Got Something On My Mind
Buckwheat - Goodbye Mr. Applegate
Bulldog Breed - Halo in My Hair
Bumble Bees - Girl Of My Kind
Bumble Bees - Girl Of My Kind
Burlington Express - Memories
Burning Bush - Evil Eye
Buster Jangle's Flying Mattress - Love Has Taken
Bystanders - Make Up Your Mind
Bystanders - My Way of Thinking
Bystanders - Pattern People
Byzantine Empire - Shadows and Reflections
Californians - The Cooks Of Cakes And Kindness
Camel Drivers - Give It A Try
Candlelight - That's What I Want
Cantebury Music Festival - Super Duper
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Diddy Wah Diddy
Captain Groovy & His Bubblegum Army - Bubblegum
Captain Groovy & His Bubblegum Army - Dark Part Of
My Mind
Care Package - Vinegar Man
Carnabeats - Chu Chu Chu
Carnaby - Jump And Dance
Carnival Connection - Poster Man
Carrot Tree - Circus Time
Castaways - Goodbye Babe
Castaways - Lavender Popcorn
Castaways - Liar Liar
Castaways - She's A Girl In Love
Casuals - Jesamine
Casuals - Toy
Catch - Love Dropped By
Cats Pajamas - Camera Man
Cedars - Hide If You Want To Hide
Cedars - I Don't Know Why
Cedars - I Like The Way
Central Nervous System - Alice in Wonderland
Central Park - Flower Hill
Centurys - Hard Times
Chains - I Hate To See You Crying
Challenge - The Crunch
Changin Times - How Is The Air Up There
Changing Times - She Don't Know
Chants R&B - I'm Your Witchdoctor
Chapter II - East Of My Place
Charade - And You Do
Charles Vance & Sonics - We Gotta Get Out Of This
Cheap Skates - Latin Skate
Checkmates - All TheTime Now
Checkmates - Hey Girl
Cherokee - Girl, I’ve Got News For You
Cherry People - Ask The Children
Cherry People - Gotta Get Back (To The Good Life)
Cherry Slush - Day Don't Come
Cherry Slush - I Cannot Stop You
Chessman Square - Circles
Chessmen - I Need You There
Chessmen - Time Machine
Chestnut Station - Pinch Me (Baby Convince Me)
Chevelle V - Dangling Little Friends
Chicago Line - Shimmy Ko Ko Bop
Chob - We're Pretty Quick
Choc - I Want You To Be My Girl
Choc - Time
Chocolate Watchband - Are You Gonna Be There (At The
Chocolate Watchband - Blues Theme
Chocolate Watchband - Sweet Young Thing
Choir - It's Cold Outside
Chosen Few - Foolin' Around With Me
Chosen Few - It Just Don't Rhyme
Chris & Craig - Isha
Chris & Peter Allen - Just Friends
Chris Andrews - To Whom It Concerns
Chris Andrews - Yesterday Man
Chris Carpenter - This World (Is Closing In On Me)
Christine Pilzer - Ah Hem Ho Hu Err
Cinnamon Empire - It's Good, It's Good
Cinnamon Quill - Candy
Circle Singers - Make Your Own Kind Of Sunshine
Circus - Do You Dream
Citizen Kaine - Umbrella Man
Cleves - You And Me
Clique - Gotta Get Away
Clique - Hallelujah!
Clique - Holiday
Clique - I'm Alive
Clique - Soul Mates
Clique - Splash 1
Clover - Ice Cream Man
Coastliners - I'll Be Gone
Colin Hare - Grannie, Grannie
Collectors - Looking At A Baby
Colours - Where Is She
Committee - California My Way
Company Front - Not Today
Company Front - So Lonely
Comstock Ltd. Featuring Bobby Comstock - Help Me
Condello - Dr. Tarr Professor Fether
Confusions - Voice From The Inner Soul
Consortium - All The Love In The World
Cookies - Wounded
Copperpenny - That Was The Game
Cornerstone - Holly Go Softly
Corporate Body - Hackmobile Voyage
Cosmic Brotherhood - Sunshine World
Cotton Candy - Billy
Counselors - Love Go Round
Count Five - Mailman
Count Five - Pretty Big Mouth.m4a
Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
Count Five - The Morning After
Countdown - Georgia
Countdown Five - Money Man
Countdown Five - Uncle Kirby (From Brazil)
Cowsills - Father
Cowsills - Mister Flynn
Craig - Dancing Down In New Orleans
Craig - I Must Be Mad
Crazy Elephant - Dark Part Of My Mind
Crazy Elephant - Higher And Higher
Crazy Elephant - Love Strike
Crazy Elephant - My Baby (Honey Pie)
Crazy Elephant - Respect Revisited
Crazy Elephant - There Ain't No Umbopo
Crazy Paving - Sweet Brandy
Creation - Biff! Bang! Pow!
Creation - How Does It Feel To Feel
Creation - Making Time
Creatures - The Night Is Warm
Critters - It Just Won't Be That Way
Crowd + 1 - Try
Cryan Shames - 20th Song
Cryan Shames - Mr. Unreliable
Crystal Ball - Trans-Love Airways
Crystal Chandlier - Suicidal Flowers
Cuby & The Blizzards - Your Body Not Your Soul
Cyrkle - Big, Little Woman
Cyrkle - Money To Burn
Cyrus Erie - Get The Message
D Coys - You're Against
D Men - Don't You Know
Daddy Lindberg - Wade In The Shade
Daily Flash - Jack Of Diamonds
Daisy Clan - Glory Be
Daisy Clan - San Francisco China Town
Dallas Four - Hush
Damnation Of Adam Blessing - Cookbook
Damnation Of Adam Blessing - Last Train To
Damnation of Adam Blessing - Money Tree
Damon - Poor Poor Genie
Danny and Jerry - We've Got A Groovey Thing Goin'
Danny McCulloch - Colour Of The Sunset
Dave Berry - Huma Lama
Dave Berry - I'm Gonna Take You There
Dave Christie - Penelope Breedlove
Dave Gordon & The Reb-Tides - Call Me
David - I Don't Care
David - Of Our Other Days
David & The Giants - Ten Miles High
David Bowie - I Can't Help Thinking About Me
David McNeil - Linda
David McWilliams - The Days Of Pearly Spencer
Davy Jones & The Lower Third - You've Got A Habit Of
Leaving Me
Dawn's Early Light - Monday Kind Of Friday
Daybreakers - Afterthoughts
Dead Sea Fruit - Kensington High Street
Dearly Beloveds - Peep Peep Pop Pop
Debra Swisher - You're So Good To Me
December's Children - Backwards And Forwards
Dedikation - Wait For Me Marianne
Deep Set - Cinnamon Girl
Deepest Blue - Pretty Little Thing
Deepest Blue - Somebody's Girl
Definitive Rock Chorale - In The Mirrors Of Your
Del Shannon - Comin' Back To Me
Delcounts - Ain't Got the Time
Delicate Balance - Night Is Almost Gone
Delphine - La Fermeture éclair
Del-Vetts - Last Time Around
Denny Laine - Say You Don't Mind
Design - Marguaretta
Dick Domane - Bad Dream
Dick Holler - Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)
Dick Wagner & The Frosts - Sunshine
Dimensions - Penny
Dinosaurs - Sinister Purpose
Disraeli - What Will The New Day Bring
Distortions - Can You Tell
Distortions - I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
Distortions - Thank You John
Disturbance - Apple Crumble
D'Kool & The Kasuals - She's Good To Me
Don & Jerry with The Fugitives - I Can't Quit
Don & Jerry with The Fugitves - In The Cover Of
Don & The Goodtimes - You Were A Child
Don & The Goodtimes - You Were A Just A Child
Don Meehan Project - House in the Country
Donovan - Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)
Donovan - Superlungs My Supergirl
Doomsday Machine - Too Late To Rectify
Doomsday Machine - Where Sally Waits
Doughnut Rink - Dance Around Julie
Dovers - What Am I Going To Do
Downliners Sect - Glendora
Downliners Sect - The Cost Of Living
Downtown Collection - Sunshine
Drafi - I Want To Take You Home
Dream Machine - Broken Hearts
Drongos - Under My Thumb
Drums Along The Gardiner - Fish
Dry Gins - She's A Drag
Dug Dug's - Lost In My World
Dunn & McCrashen - Lydia Purple
Dust - Vicious Delusion
Dusty Greyrock - Tears In My Heart
Dynamites - Tunnel To Heaven
Dynamites - Walking The Dog
Dynasty - Tutankhamun
Dynatones - The Fife Piper
Dynatones - The Fife Piper
Earth Island - Seasons Of Our Lives
East River Drive - Hard Way To Go
Eastern Time Zone - Green Cathedral
Easybeats - Saturday Night
Easybeats - Sorry
Echoes - Hey Good Lookin'
Eddie Hodges - Shadows And Reflections
Eddie Hodges - The Water Is Over My Head
Edmin Rumbold - Come Back
Eighth Day - Building With A Steeple
Elastik Band - Spazz
Electric Duck - Most People Get Happy
Electric Flag - Groovin' Is Easy
Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much To Dream (Last
Electric Prunes - Wind-Up Toys
Elsa Leroy - Mieux vaut tard que jamais
Emil Richards & The Factory - No Place I'd Rather Be
End - Second Glance
End - Shades Of Orange
Endd - Out Of My Hands
Endless Pulse - Ghost Man
Endless Pulse - You Turned Me Over
Epic Splendor - Cowboys And Indians
Epics - Goes To Show (Just How Wrong You Can Be)
Epics - Henry Long
Episode Six - I Hear Trumpets Blow
Episode Six - Morning Dew
Equals - I Can See But You Don't Know
Eternity's Children - Lifetime Day
Eternity's Children - Sunshine Among Us
E-Types - She Moves Me
Evergreen Blues - Three's A Crowd
Every Mother's Son - Ain't No Use
Every Mothers' Son - The Proper Four Leaf Clover
Evil - What'cha Gonna Do About It
Evil Enc Group - The Point Is
Excalibur - Dreamin'
Excelsior Spring - Happy Miranda
Executioners - I Want The Rain
Executives - Bad Reputation
Explosive - Cities Make The Country Cold
Explosive - Hey Presto, Magic Man
Explosive - Miss Alice's Garden
Extremes - SOS
Eyes - I'm Rowed Out
Eyes - When The Night Falls
Eyes Of Blue - Supermarket Full Of Cans
Fabulous Fakes - No Excess Baggage
Fabulous Farquar - Night People
Fabulous Kingpins - For What It's Worth
Fabulous Plaids - I'm Comin' Home To You
Fabulous Plaids - Let's Learn About Love
Factory - No Place I'd Rather Be
Faine Jade - It Ain't True
Fairfield Parlour - Sunny Side Circus
Fairytale - Guess I Was Dreaming
Fairytale - Listen To Mary Cry
Family - San Francisco Waits
Family Album - Get Together
Fantastic Deejays - Fight Fire
Fantastic Zoo - Light Show
Fat Matress - I Don't Mind
Fat Mattress - I Don't Mind
Feather - Friends
Feathers - Tryin’ To Get To You
Fenways - I Move Around
Fenwyck - I Wanna Die
Fenwyck - Mindrocker
Ferris Wheel - Can't Break The Habit
Fifth Estate - That's Love
Fifth Order - A Thousand Devils (Are Chasin' Me)
Fifth Order - Goin' Too Far
Fifth Order - Today (I Got A Letter)
Fifth Order - Walkin' Away
Fighter Squadron - When He Comes
Finders Keepers - Friday Kind Of Monday
Fingers - Circus With A Female Clown
Fingers - Gloria
Fire - Father's Name Was Dad
Fire - Treacle Toffee World
Fire And Ice - Music Man
Fireballs - Long Green
First Crow To The Moon - The Sun Lights Up The
Five Americans - Con Man
Five Americans - I'm Feeling Ok
Five Bucks - No Use In Trying
Five Emprees - Little Miss Sad
Five Of Us - Hey You
Flash & The Board Of Directors - Love Ain't Easy
Fleur De Delys - Circles
Floribunda Rose - One Way Street
Florida Deep Six - Last Time Around
Flower Pot - Wantin' Ain't Gettin'
Flower Pot Men - Let's Go To San Francisco
Flower Power - Stop! Check It
Flowerpot Men - A Walk In The Sky
Flowerpot Men - Cooks Of Cake & Kindness
Footprints - Never Say Die
Forerunners - A Long Way Down
Forte Four - I Don't Want To Say Goodbye
Fountain Of Youth - Sunshine On A Cold Morning
Fountain Of Youth - Day Don't Come
Fourmula - I Know Why
Fourmyula - Nature
Fourteen - Drizzle
Fox - Mr Carpenter
Fragile Lime - Fairyland (When I Was A Little Man)
Frankie Randall - Let's Go To San Francisco
Frat Kings - B.M.O.C
Freddie Starr & The Midnighters - Peter Gunn
Free - What Makes You
Free 'N' Easy - Are You Going My Way
Freedom - The Better Side
Free-For-All - Show Me The Way
French Church - Slapneck 1943
Friedles - When Love
Friends Of The Family - Can't Go Home
Frisco Mint - Which End Is Up
Front Line - Got Love
Front Office - Wow
Front Page News - Thoughts
Fruit Machine - Cuddly Toy
Fuchsia - Me And My Kite
Full Treatment - Just Can't Wait
Future - Shape Of Things To Come
Fuzz Aldrin - Trailer Park
Galahad - Rocket Summer
Gants - (You Can't Blow) Smoke Rings
Gants - Dance Last Night
Gants - I Don't Want To See Her Again
Gants - I Wonder
Gants - I'm A Snake
Gants - Little Boy Sad
Gants - Oh Yeah
Gants - Road Runner
Garden Club - Little Girl Lost And Found
Garden Of Eden - Flower Man
Gary & The Hornets - Patty Girl
Gary Benson - Holly
Gary Walker & The Rain - (These Are) Bad Times
Gary Walker & The Rain - Magazine Woman
Gas Company - If You Know What I Mean
Gates Of Eden - 1 To 7
Gaylon Ladd - Repulsive Situation
Gear One - Hello Little Girl
Gene Pierson - Oh! Sweet Love
Gentrys - Cinammon Girl
Gentrys - Goddess Of Love
Gentrys - I Just Got The News
Gents, Inc. - Gettin' The Blues
George Baker Selection - I Wanna Love You
Georgie Porgie And The Cry Babies - Holding On
German Bonds - So Mystifying
German Bonds - We Are Out Of Sight
Gerry Morris - When It Comes to Love
Gestures - I'm Not Mad
Gestures - Run, Run, Run
Giant Crab - Believe It Or Not
Giant Crab - Lydia Purple
Giant Jellybean Copout - Awake In A Dream
Giant Jellybean Copout - Look at the Girls
Giant Sunflower - February Sunshine
Gibsons - You Know I Need Your Loving
Ginger Ale - Sugar Suzy
Giorgio - Arizona Man (Jerk)
Giorgio - Automation
Giorgio - I'm Free Now
Giorgio - So Young (Slow)
Giorgio - Stop
Giorgio - Stop (Alternate Version)
Giorgio - Watch Your Step
Glad - New Tomorrow
Glass Family - House Of Glass
Gli Evangelisti - Sensazioni
Go-Betweens - Have You For My Own
Go-Betweens - Knock Knock
Godfrey - Let's Take A Trip
Gods - Babys Rich
Gold - Lovin' You Is A Groove
Golden Dawn - My Time
Golden Earring - Daddy Buy Me A Girl
Golden Earring - Dong-Dong-Diki-Diki-Dong
Golden Horizon - Love Is The Only Answer
Goldrush - Somebody's Turning On The People
Golliwogs - Fight Fire
Gonn - Blackout Of Gretely
Good Ship Lollipop - Girl On The Subway
Gordian Knot - The Year Of The Sun
Gordion Knot - Carraway Stream
Gossip - Whispering Wind
Granny's Intentions - Story Of David
Grant's Blueboys - Love Is Such A Game
Grapefruit - Deep Water
Grapefruit - Elevator
Grass Roots - Mr. Jones (Ballad Of A Thin Man)
Grass Roots - Tip Of My Tongue
Grass Roots - You're A Lonely Girl
Grassfire - Aunt Morely's Wheatcakes
Gravy - We Can Make The World (A Whole Lot Brighter)
Great Scots - Give Me Lovin'
Great Scots - I Ain't No Miracle Worker
Great Scots - Someone That I Can't See
Great Scotts - Ball & Chain
Greenfield & Cook - Only Lies
Greg Anderson - I Feel Good
Grisby Dyke - Maryann She
Grisby Dyke - The Adventures Of Rosemary LaPage
Grodes - What They Say About Love
Groep 1850 - Misty Night
Groop - Woman You're Breaking Me
Groundspeed - In A Dream
Groundspeed - L-12 East
Group Check - Ciao Baby
Group Therapy - Bad News
Groupies - Primitive
Growing Society - Just For Fun
Grumbleweeds - (Hey Babe) Follow Me
Guess Who - Believe Me
Guess Who - Clock On The Wall
Guilloteens - I Don't Believe
Guy Pedersen & Son Grand Orchestre - We Love You
GWB - Butterball
Hal Blaine - Bang Bang Rhythm
Hallmarks - Soul Shakin' Psychedelic Sally
Hamilton & The Hamilton Movement - She Was Really
Saying Something
Hamilton Camp - This Wheel's On Fire
Hangmen - Girl Who Faded Away
Hank Shifter - Saturday Noontime
Happy Feeling - Happy Feeling
Happy Returns - To Give Your Lovin'
Hardtimes - Fortune Teller
Hardtimes - Sad Sad Sunshine
Hardtimes - They Said No
Hardtimes - Under The Sunlight
Harmony Grass - My Little Girl
Harper & Rowe - Here Comes Yesterday Again
Harverson Apricot - Wax Candle
Haunted - 125
Headstones - Bad Day Blues
Heard - Laugh With The Wind
Heard - Little Miss Sad
Heinz - Movin In
Henner - Geraldine
Hep Stars - Wedding
Herbies People - Residential Area
Herbies People - Residential Area
Herd - I Don't Want Our Loving To Die
Herd - Our Fairy Tale
Hergs- Cadillac
Hi Revving Toungues - Elevator
Hial B. King - Forever 'N' Ever
High Society - Tell Me Now
Higher Elevation - Summer Skies
Higher Elevation - The Diamond Mine
Higher Elevation - Thoughts Of Lila
Hinge - Come On Up
Hobbits - Break Away
Hobbits - Daffodil Days (The Affection Song)
Hobbits - Down To Middle Earth
Hobbits - Hands And Knees
Hobbits - I'm Just A Young Man
Hobbits - Out Of My Mind
Hobbits - Pretty Young Thing
Hobbits - Treats
Hogs - Blues Theme
Hogs - Loose Lip Sync Ship
Hollies - Goodbye Tomorrow
Hollies - School Girl
Hollies - Why Didn't You Believe
Hollies - You Love 'Cos You Like It
Holy Mackerel - Love For Everyone
Holy Mackerel - Scorpio Red
Holy Mackerel - Wildflowers
Hombres - Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)
Hot Water - Reaction
Huckleberry Mudflap - Blue Surf
Huddelsfield Transit Authority - Bayou Farm
Hudson Bay - I See Her Face
Human Beinz - Dance On Through
Human Beinz - Flower Grave
Human Beinz - Nobody But Me
Human Beinz - Pied Piper
Human Beinz - Sueno
Human Expression - Optical Sound
Human Expression - Readin' Your Will
Humane Society - Knock, Knock (Who's There)
Humblebums - Shoeshine Boy
Hung Jury - Buses
Hung Jury - Let The Good Times In
Hush - Elephant Rider
Hyle King Movement - Flower Smile
Hysterical Society - Come With Me
Hysterics - That's All She Wrote
I Tremendi - If You Don't Come Around
Ides Of March - You Need Love
Idle Race - Hurry Up John
Idle Race - I Like My Toys
Idle Race - Impostors of Life's Magazine
Idle Race - On With The Show
Idle Race - Skeleton And The Roundabout
Illusion - Did You See Her Eyes
Illusion - How Does It Feel
Illusion - Together
In-Crowd - Hangin' From Your Lovin' Tree
In-Crowd - Nothing You Do
Indikation - You Just Gotta Know My Mind
Individuals - She's Gone Away
Inferno 5 Plus 1 - I Can Take It
In-Keepers - Cobweb Threads Of Autumn
Innovation - Heartaches And Headaches
Intercoms - Unabridged, Unadulterated,
Unextraordinary . . .
Iron Butterfly - So-Lo
Iron Butterfly - Termination
Iron Horse - Magic Love
Its All Meat - You Don't Notice The Time You Waste
Iveys - And Her Daddy's A Millionaire
Iveys - I've Been Waiting
Iveys - Think About The Good Times
Ivy League - Funny How Love Can Be
J & B - There She Goes
J D Blackfoot - Who's Nuts Alfred
J.C. Heavy - Is This Really Me
J.C.W. Ratfinks - I Feel A Fever Comin' On
Jack Bedient & The Chessmen - Double Whammy
Jack Bedient & The Chessmen - Subterranean Homesick
Jackals - Linda Come Lately
Jackpots - I Hear Trumpets Blow
Jackpots - Jack In The Box
Jackpots - King Of The World
Jackpots - Lincoln City
Jackpots - Shadows And Reflections
Jacobson & Tansley - Dream With Me
Jacqueline Taieb - 7A.M.
Jacques Dutronc - Le responsable
Jagged Edge - How Many Times
Jaggers - Feel So Good
Jam - Something's Gone
James Boys - Sometimes You Walk In The Sunshine
Jason Paul - Shine A Little Light Into My Room
Jawbone - How's Ya Pa
Jay & The Americans - (He's) Raining In My Sunshine
Jay-Hawkers - To Have A Love (As Sweet As You)
Jeff Beck - Tally Man
Jefferson Handkerchief - I'm Allergic To Flowers
Jeronimo - Heya Heya Heya
Jerry Mundo & The Hounds - Let Us Be
Jet Stream - Ready To Leave
Jet Wetson's Combo A Go-Go! - Gonna Find A Cave
Jigsaw - One Way Street
Jigsaw Seen - On A Carousel
Jim And Dale - Past The State Of Mind
Jimmy Curtiss - Psychodelic Situations
Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs - What I Am (Say I Am)
Joe Brown & The Bruvver - Sally Ann
John & Paul - I'm Walkin' (All Alone)
John & Paul - People Say (Love Is Blind)
John Fitch And Associates - Romantic Attitude
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Agnes English
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Back In The U.S.S.R.
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Boogie
Chillun/Walking With Frankie
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Can I Get (A Word In)
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Doin' The Best I Can
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Down To The Boogaloo
John Fred & His Playboy Band - How Can I Prove
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Leave Her Never
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Make Love To You
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Night Owl
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Sad Story
John Fred & His Playboy Band - She Shot A Hole In My
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Shirley
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Something's Going On
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Sometimes You Just
Can't Win
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Sun City
John Fred & His Playboy Band - The Big Show
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Three Deep In A
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Up And Down
John Fred & His Playboy Band - We Played Games
John Fred & His Playboy Band - When The Lights Go
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Where Will You Be?
John Fred & His Playboy Band - Wind Up Doll
John Fred & His Playboy Band - You're On My Mind
John Hammond - I Wish You Would
John Kincade - Friday On My Mind
John Randolph Marr - Raggedy Ann
John Wonderling - Man Of Straw
Johnny Burton - Polevault Man
Johnny Thunder - I'm Alive
John's Children - A Midsummer's Night Scene
John's Children - Desdemona
Jolliver Arkansaw - Gray Afternoon
Jolly Beggars - Last Step Of Doom
Jon - Is It Love
Jon & Robin - If You've Got It, Flaunt It
Joyride - Land Of Rypap Papyr
Joyride - The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine
July - Friendly Man
July Four - Frightened Little Girl
Jumbo - Promises
Juniors - Pocket Size
Jury - Until You Do
Kaleidoscope - A Dream For Julie
Kaleidoscope - Jenny Artichoke
Kane Triplets - Buttercup Days
Katch 22 - Groovy Summertime
Kate - Strange Girl
Keith West - Excerpt From A Teenage Opera
Keith West - On A Saturday
Kenny & The Kasuals - Journey To Tyme
Kenny Everitt - Another Little Train Number
Kenny O'Dell - Flower Girl
Kidds - Children In Love
Kim Fowley - Bubblegum
Kim Fowley - The Trip
King James And The Royal Jesters - I Get A Feeling
Kings Ransom - Without You
Kingsmen - Louie Louie
Kingsmen - Trouble
Kit Kats - Money Game
Knack - Banana Man
Knack - Freedom Now
Knack - Lady In The Window
Knack - Pretty Daisy
Knack - The Spell
Knickerbockers - Lies
Knickerbockers - One Track Mind
Knickerbockers - One Track Mind
Knight Riders - I
Knight Riders - I Don't Know
Knights Bridge - Make Me Some Love
Koobas - The First Cut Is The Deepest
Kult - No Home Today
Kytes - Running in the Water
LA County C.O.P. - Sacramento Playhouse
La De Da's - How Is The Air Up There?
La De Da's - The Pied Piper
Landlords - I'm Through With You
Larry's Rebels - Let's Think Of Something
Last Fridays Fire - Something's Happening
Last Knight - Shadow Of Fear
Last Words - I Can't Stop Lovin' You
Last Words - I Wish I Had Time
Last Words - It Made Me Cry
Laughing Wind - John Works Hard
Laura Ulmer - Amoureux d'une affiche
Le Anime - I Tuo Ricordo
Le District Ouest - Je Suis Ton Copain
Le Papyvores - Le Papyvore
League - Hey Conductor
Leaves - Get Out Of My Life Woman
Leaves - Hey Joe
Leaves - Words
Lee Kings - Coming From The Ground
Left Side - Confusion In My Mind
Legay - No One
Legend - Enjoy Yourself
Lemon Drops - It Happens Every Day
Lemon Fog - Summer
Lemon Pipers - No Help From Me
Lemon Pipers - Wine And Violet
Lemon Tree - William Chalker's Time Machine
Les Fleur De Lys - Circles
Les Fleur De Lys - Mud In Your Eye
Les Harmonicos - The Flying Sound
Les Irresistibles - My Year Is A day
Les Lutins - Pretty Girl
Les Problčmes - Je Ne Vois Rien
Lexington Ave. Local - Along Comes Mary
Liberty Bell - I Can See
Licorice Schtick - Flowers, Flowers
Life - Hands Of The Clock
Lime - Beautiful Day
Lime - Love A Go Go
Limeys - Cara Lin
Lindy Blaskey & Lavelles - You Ain't Tuff
Litter - Action Woman
Litter - Whatcha Gonna Do About It
Little Boy Blues - I Can Only Give You Everything
Live Five - Who Knows
Live Five - Yes You're Mine
Lively Ones - Exodus
Liverpool Five - She's Mine
Living Children - Crystalize Your Mind
Locomotive - Mr. Armageddan
Lollipop Fantasy - It's A Groovy World
Lollipop Shoppe - You Must Be A Witch
Lomax Alliance - See The People
London Boys - Eyes Of Kazan
London Phogg - The Times To Come
Looking Glasses - Visions
Looms - I Have Never Seen Snow
Loot - She's A Winner
Lord August & The Vision Of Light - Let Me Be Me
Lords - Blue Horizon
Lords - Don't Mince Matter
Lords - Fire
Lords - Please Don't Bring Me Down
Lords - Shakin' All Over
Lords Of London - Candy Rainbow
Los Bravos - Going Nowhere
Los Chijuas - Changing The Colors Of Life
Los Shakers - Break It All
Lost Chords - I Won't Have To Worry
Love - 7 And 7 Is
Love - Alone Again Or
Love - My Little Red Book
Love Affair - Could I Be Dreaming?
Love Children - Paper Chase
Love Ins - Everything's There
Love Sculpture - In The Land Of The Few
Loved Ones - Together, Together
Lovin' - I'm In Command
Lyme & Cybelle - Follow Me
Lyn La Salle - Randee Ram-Jet
Lynn Castle - Rose Colored Corner
Lynx - Just A Friend
Lynx - Look At Me
Lyrics - So What!!
M.G. & The Escorts - A Someday Fool
M.G. & The Escorts - Next To Nowhere
M.P.D. Limited - Little Boy Sad
Magic Lanterns - Frisco Annie
Magic Mushroom - It's-A-Happening
Magic Mushrooms - I'm Gone
Magic Reign - Jefferson Street
Magicians - An Invitation To Cry
Majic Ship - Green Plant
Majic Ship - Sioux City Blues
Manfred Mann - Ha! Ha! Said The Clown
Manfred Mann - My Name Is Jack
Manfred Mann - Semi-Detached Suburban Mr. James
Mark Eric - Move With The Dawn
Mark IV - Better Than That
Mark IV - Work All Day (Sleep All Night)
Marmalade - I See The Rain
Martells - Time To Say Goodbye
Martin Martin - Imagine
Marvin, Welsh & Farrar - Tiny Robin
Master's Apprentices - War Or Hands Of Time
Matadors - Get Down From The Tree
Matchmakers - Tell Me A Secret
Mauroks - Susan
Max Frost & The Troopers - Shape Of Things To Come
McGough and McGear - So Much In Love
Me And The Guys - I Can't Take It
Meddy's People - Fantasy World
Medicine Mike - I've Never Been So High
Merlin - Dirty Woman
Merry-Go-Round - Gonna Fight The War
Merry-Go-Round - Gonna Leave You Alone
Merry-Go-Round - Had To Run Around
Merry-Go-Round - Live
Merry-Go-Round - Low Down
Merry-Go-Round - On Your Way Out
Merry-Go-Round - Where Have You Been All My Life
Merry-Go-Round - You're A Very Lovely Woman
Merseys - Sorrow
Messengers - Window Shopping
Messieurs Richard de Bordeaux et Daniel Beretta - La
MG & The Escorts - A Someday Fool
Michael & The Messengers - Romeo & Juliet
Michael Brown - Love Songs In The Night
Mickey Finn - Garden Of My Mind
Mickey Finn - Garden of My Mind
Micky Jones & Tommy Brown - If I Could Be Sure
Mike D'Abo - See The Little People
Mike Sheridan's Lot - Take My Hand
Mike Stevens & The Shevells - The Go-Go Train
Mike Y Toti - De Nata, Fresa Y De Limón
Millennium - It's You
Mindbenders - My New Day And Age
Mirage - Chicago Cottage
Misunderstood - Children Of The Sun
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheel - Jenny Take A Ride
Moby Dick & The Whalers - I Love Her So
Mockingbirds - You Stole My Love
Mods - Empty Heart
Mojo Men - My Woman's Head
Mojo Men - She's My Baby
Mojo Men - Sit Down, I Think I Love You
Mongrels - Funny Day
Monks - Complication
Mooche - Hot Smoke And Sassafras
Moody Blues - Leave This Man Alone
Moon - Faces
Moorpark Intersection - I Think I'll Just Go And
Find Me A Flower
Mops - I'm Just A Mops
More-Tishans - (I've Got) Nowhere to Run
Mor-Loks -There Goes Life
Morning Dew - Go Away
Morning Dew - No More
Morning Glories - Love-In
Motions - Everything (That's Mine)
Motions - You Bother Me
Mouse - A Public Execution
Mouse & The Traps - Maid Of Sugar - Maid Of Spice
Move - (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree
Move - Blackberry Way
Move - Fire Brigade
Move - Flowers In The Rain
Move - I Can Hear The Grass Grow
Move - Walk Upon The Water
Movement - Tell Her
Moving Sidewalks - 99th Floor
Munx - Our Dream
Mushrooms - Burned
Music Combination - Mechanical People
Music Explosion - Can't Stop Now
Music Explosion - Hearts And Flowers
Music Explosion - I See The Light
Music Explosion - Patches Dawn
Music Machine - Mother Nature Father Earth
Music Machine - Talk Talk
Myddle Class - Free As The Wind
Myddle Class - I Happen To Love You
Mystic Astrologic Crystal - I Think I'll Just Lie
Here And Die
Mystic Astrologic Crystal - Only Time
Mystic Astrologic Crystal - Yellow Room
Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band - Flowers Never Cry
Nashville Teens - I Know How It Feels To Be Loved
Navajo - Love And Hate
Nazz- Open My Eyes
N'Betweens - Security
Neal Ford & The Fanatics - Mary Wanna Marry Me
Neal Ford & The Fanatics - Shame On You
Neighb'rhood Children - Feeling Zero
Neptune's Empire - Whichita Falls
Network - Ears Of Stone
New Breed - Want Ad Reader
New Colony Six - Come And Give Your Love To Me
New Dawn - Melody Fair
New Dawn -Dark Throughts
New Hobbits - I Could Hear The Grass Growin'
New Hobbits - The Devil's Gonna Get Me
New Phoenix - Give to Me Your Love
Next Exit - Break Away
Next Five - Talk To Me Girl
Nickel Bag - Woods
Night Birds - Nightbirds
Night Crawlers - The Little Black Egg
Night Walkers - Sticks & Stones
Nino Tempo - Boys Town
Nirvana - Rainbow Chaser
Nobody's Children - Good Times
Noises N' Sounds - How Much Lovin'
Noonday Sons - I'm Gonna Let You Go
Normand Frechette & Les Hou-Lops - J'étudie mon grec
Norro Wilson - Rather Do It Than Eat
Now - Like A Flying Bird
October Country - Cowboys And Indians
October Country - My Girlfriend Is A Witch
Odin - I'm Out Of Here
Odyssey - Little Girl, Little Boy
Ohio Express - And It's True
Ohio Express - Beg, Borrow And Steal
Ohio Express - First Grade Reader
Ohio Express - Had To Be Me
Ohio Express - I Find I Think Of You
Ohio Express - I Know We'll Be Together
Ohio Express - Into This Time
Ohio Express - It's A Sad Day
Ohio Express - Let Go
Ohio Express - Stop Take A Look Around
Ohio Express - Try It
Ohio Express - Turn To Straw
Ohio Express - Up Against The Wall
Ohio Express - Vacation
Ola & The Janglers - Oh What A Lovely Day
Old-Gold - Teacher Of Electricity
Only Ones - Find A Way
Oogum B & Tricks - Butchers & Bakers
Opal Butterfly - Beautiful Beige
Open Mind - Magic Potion
Opus 1 - Back Seat '38 Dodge
Oracle - Don't Say No
Orange Bicycle - Amy Peate
Orange Bicycle - Dropping Out
Orange Colored Sky - Just Like Humpty Dumpty
Orpheus - Love Over Here
Os Mutantes - Bat Macumba
Others - I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye
Others - I'm In Need
Outer Limits - Help Me, Please
Outer Limits - Just One More Chance
Outsiders - Chase Away The Tears
Outsiders - Gotta Leave Us Alone
Outsiders - I Just Can’t See You Anymore
Owl - Spirits
Oxford Circle - Foolish Woman
Oxfords - Time And Place
Pacific Sound - The Green Eyed Girl
Paintbox - Getting Ready For Love
Palace Guard - Falling Sugar
Palace Guard - Oh Blue (The Way I Feel Tonight)
Palace Guard - Saturdays Child
Pandemonium - Sun Shines From His Eyes
Parade - Sunshine Girl
Paragons - Abba
Party Brothers - Our Love Is Gone
Pat Shannon - Candy Apple, Cotton Candy
Paul & Barry Ryan - I Love How You Love Me
Paul Jones - The Dog Presides
Paul Parrish - Walking In The Forest Of My Mind
Paul Vigrass - Stop!
Paupers - It's Your Mind
Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Back In L.A.
Pebbles - Playing Chess
Penny Peeps - I See the Morning
Penny Peeps - Model Village
Pennywise - Lily Come Near Me
People - I Love You
Phil Cordell - Red Lady
Philamore Lincoln - The North Wind Blew South
Piccadilly Line - At The Third Stroke
Pinocchio & His Puppets - Fusion
Plastic Penny - Baby You're Not To Blame
Plastic Penny - Your Way To Tell Me Go
Pleasure Fair - Nursery Rhyme
Pleasure Fair - Today
Pleazers - Security
Poets - In Your Tower
Poets - That's The Way It's Got To Be
Poor - My Mind Goes High
Pop Workshop - Fairyland
Poppy Family - Where Evil Grows
Pops Merrily - Help Me Down
Poverty Five - Sorrow (Thumbs Down)
Powder - Turn Another Page
Powder - Turn Another Page
Powers of Blue - You Blow My Mind
Preachers - Who Do You Love
Precious Few - The Carnival
Premiers - Farmer John
Premiers - Get On This Plane
Premiers - Ring Around My Rosie
Pretty Things - Midnight To Six Man
Pretty Things - Rosalyn
Pretty Things - S.F. Sorrow Is Born
Primitive Man - Animal Love
Primitives - Sookie Sookie
Proctor Amusement Co. - Heard You Went Away
Proud Mary - We'll Make It Alright
Public Company - Hearts And Flowers
Public Nuisance - Time Can't Wait
Purple Gang - Granny Takes a Trip
Purple Wine - It's My Mind
Pussyfoot - Dee Dee Do Your Dance
Puzzle - Do You Feel The Pain
Puzzle - Houla
Q '65 - Cry In The Night
Q '65 - The Life I Live
Question Mark & The Mysterians - Hang In
Question Mark & The Mysterians - Hangin On A String
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Pride Of Man
Quiet Jungle - Satisfaction
Racket Squad - That's How Much I Love My Baby
Rainbow Family - Travellin' Lady
Rainy Day People - Junior Executive
Rainy Daze - Blood Of Oblivion (Fe Fi Fo Fum)
Rainy Daze - Discount City
Rainy Daze - In My Mind Lives A Forest
Rainy Daze - Stop Sign
Rameses & Selket - Mind's Eye
Rare Breed - Beg, Borrow And Steal
Rare Breed - Come And Take A Ride In My Boat
Rare Breed - I Talk To The Sun
Rare Breed - Lightning Doesn't Strike Twice
Rationals - I Need You
Rationals - Leavin' Here
Raven(s) - Calamity Jane
Raves - Don't Chop Down My Tree
Raves - Mr. Man
Ray Chayfin - Greenwood Township
Razor's Edge - Cloudy Day
Red Dirt - Memories
Red Roosters - La Fina Verra
Red Squares - You Can Be My Baby
Remains - Don't Look Back
Remains - Say You're Sorry
Remains - Why Do I Cry
Remo Four - Live Like A Lady
Renegade - Lovin and Forgiving
Renegade - Never Let Me Go
Renegades - Thirteen Women
Rich Kids - Plastic Flowers
Richard Kent Style - Go Go Children
Rick & Sandy - Lost My Girl
Rick McClellan - Frozen Sunshine
Riddles - Sweets For My Sweet
Ritchie Luvworth - Let's Dance
River Deep - Shelly Tell Me Why
Road Runners - Goodbye
Roadhouse - Good Times (And Loving You)
Rob Kirk & The Word - Girl Talk
Robb Jarmain - Hong Kong Flu
Robb London - Who'll Be The One
Robbi Curtice - The Soul Of A Man
Robbie Curtice - The Soul Of Man
Robbs - Castles In The Air
Robbs - Jody Miller
Robbs - Race With The Wind
Robin And The Three Hoods - Marauder
Rogue Show - Make Me Over Again
Rogues - Secondary Man
Roman Rebellion - Every Groovy Day
Romancers - She Took My Oldsmobile
Ronnie & The Daytonas - Brave New World
Ronnie Bond - Anything For You
Ronnie Burns - Exit Stage Right
Ronnie Dio & The Prophets - Walking In Different
Rooks - A Girl Like You
Royal Guardsmen - Leaving Me
Royal Knights - I Wanna Know
Ruins -The End
Rumbles Ltd. - California My Way
Rumbles Ltd. - Jezebel
Rumbles Ltd. - Try A Lttle Harder
Rupert's People - Reflections Of Charles Brown
Sagittarius - My World Fell Down
Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs - Wooly Bully
San Francisco Earthquake - Su-Su
Sand Dollars - Get Thy Bearings
Sands - Listen To The Sky
Sandy Salisbury - The Good Ol' Goodtimes
Savages - Quiet Town
Scotland Yardleys - Some Guys Have It
Scott Bedford Four - Last Exit To Brooklyn
Scott Bedlam Four - You Turned Your Back On Me
Scoundrels - Easy
Scrugg - I Wish I Was Five
Scrugg - Lavender Popcorn
Searchers - Popcorn Double Feature
Second City Sound - Love's Funny
Seeds - Can't Seem To Make You Mine
Seeds - March Of The Flower Children
Seeds - Mr. Farmer
Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard
Sensations - Oh My Eli
Sense Of Humor - Secret Thoughts
Settlers - Major To Minor
Shades - Ballot Bachs
Shadows - Scotch On The Socks
Shadows Of Knight - Alone
Shadows Of Knight - Follow
Shadows Of Knight - From Way Out To Way Under
Shadows Of Knight - I'm Gonna Make You Mine
Shadows Of Knight - Oh Yeah
Shady Daze - Love Is A Beautiful Thing
Shakane - Rhona
Sharks And Me - Buses
Sheep - Twelve Months Later
Shel Naylor - One Fine Day
Shy Guys - Feel A Whole Lot Better
Shy Limbs - Reputation
Shy Limbs - Trick Or Two
Side Three - Every Now And Then
Side Three - Sunshine Sunday
Side Three - Sunshine Today
Silver Fleet - Come On Plane
Silver Fleet - Look Out World
Simon Dupree & Big Sound - Day Time Night Time
Simon Dupree & The Big Sound - I've Seen It All
Simon Dupree & The Big Sound - Kites
Simon's Secrets - Naughty Boy
Sir Douglas Quintet - She's About A Mover
Sirex - Cantemos
Sixth Day Creation - Cherry Pie
Small Faces - Green Circles
Smith - Baby, It's You
Smoke - Cowboys And Indians
Smoke - Gold Is The Colour Of Thoughts
Smoke - My Friend Jack
Smoke - The Girl in the Park
Smubbs - Down On The Corner
Song - Like We Were Before
Sonics - Have Love Will Travel
Sonics - Psycho
Sonics - The Witch
Sonny Flaharty & The Mark V - Hey Conductor
Sorrows - Cara-Lin
Sorrows - Take A Heart
Soul Inc. - 60 Miles High
Sound Magics - Don't You Remember?
Sound Set - Mind In A Bottle
Sound Vendor - Mr. Sun
Sounds Of Modification - Carry On Carole
Sounds Of Modification - Darkness Fills My Lonely
Sounds Unlimited - A Girl As Sweet As You
Southwest F.O.B. - Smell Of Incense
Sparkles - No Friend Of Mine
Spectres - (We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet
Spectres - No Good, No Where World
Spectrum - Portabello Road
Spectrum - Samantha's Mine
Spellbinders - Spellbound
Spiders - Don't Blow Your Mind
Spiders - Hitch Hike
Spiffys - Dreams
Split Level - Looking At The Rose Through World
Colored Glasses
Sprauge Brothers - Come Back Baby
Springfield Rifle - 100 or 2
Springfield Rifle - I Loved Her
Squires - Going All The Way
Staccatos - Butchers & Bakers
Stained Glass - How Do You Expect Me
Stamford Bridge - Vicar's Daughter
Standells - Can't Help But Love You
Standells - Dirty Water
Standells - Ninety Nine And A Half
Standells - Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White
Standells - Try It
Starfires - I Never Loved Her
Starlites - Wait For Me
Statesiders - Patterned The Same
Status Quo - Ice In The Sun
Status Quo - Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Steff Sulke - Oh, What A Lovely Day
Steve Clayton - Girls Are Imitating Twiggy
Stone Country - Time Isn't There (Anymore)
Storybook - Psych-Out
Strand - Popular Girl
Strangeloves - Cara-Lin
Strangeloves - I Want Candy
Strangeloves - Night Time
Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense And Peppermints
Strawberry Alarm Clock - Sit With Guru
Street Corner Society - Summer Days, Summer Nights
Strings - Don't Go
Subterranean Monastery - Realistic Patterns
Sugar Canyon - On Top Of The World
Sugar Shoppe - Baby Baby
Sumpin' Else - Baby You're Wrong
Sun Dragon - Green Tambourine
Sun Dragon - Listen To The Sky
Sun Dragon - Oh Yeah
Sundae Train - I Wanna Be
Sundae Train - Wake Up (Sleepy Girl)
Sundragon - Blueberry Blue
Sundragon - Far Away Mountain
Sunny Four - Why Not (Be My Baby)
Sunshine World - Sally Go Round The Roses
Suzi Jane Hokum - Need All The Help I Can Get
Sweet - Mr. McGallagher
Sweet - Slow Motion
Sweet - The Juicer
Sweet - Time
Sweet Rolle - Squares & Triangles
Swingin' Lamp Liters - Get Away
Symbols - Schoolgirl
Syndicate Of Sound - Little Girl
Syndicate Of Sound - Mary (Marrie)
Syndicate Of Sound - Saturday Night
Syndicats - Crawdaddy Simone
T.I.M.E. - What Would Life Be Without It
Tages - Halcyon Days
Tages - I Read You Like An Open Book
Takers - If You Don't Come Back
Tears - Weatherman
Teddy & The Pandas - We Can't Go On This Way
Teddy & The Patches - Suzy Creamcheese
Teddy Boys - Jezebel
Tempos - Heartbeat
Tempos - Two Timer
Tempters - Tell Me More
Terry and Chain Reaction - Take Me To Your Heart
Terry Randall - S.O.S
The "Us Too" Group - I'll Leave You Crying
The Craig - I Must Be Mad
The Mass - Raining Sorrow
Them - But It's Alright
These Vizitors - Reacher Teacher
TheThe - Respect
Think - Faster Faster
Think - It's A Good Thing
Third Bardo - I'm Five Years Ahead Of My Time
Third Rail - No Return
Third Rail - The Shape Of Things To Come
This Generation - The Children Have Your Tongue
Thomas & Richard Frost - Gotta Find A New Place To
Thomas & Richard Frost - Hello Stranger
Thomas & Richard Frost - She's Got Love
Thorinshield - Lonely Mountain Again
Thorndike Pickledish - SF Bound
Thor's Hammer - Better Days
Thor's Hammer - Ertu Med
Thor's Hammer - If You Knew
Thoughts - All Night Stand
Timebox - Gone Is The Sad Man
Timebox - Soul Dance
Timon - The Bitter Thoughts Of Little Jane
Tin Tin - Toast And Marmalade For Tea
Toad Hall - Elegy On A Brick Wall
Toast - Summer Of Miranda
Tom Northcott - Who Planted Thorns In Miss Alice's
Tom Thumb - Hey Bulldog
Tommy Dae & The High Tensions - Summertime Girl
Tommy James & The Shondells - I Am A Tangerine
Tommy James & The Shondells - Kathleen McArthur
Tommy Sands - Candy Store Prophet
Tomorrow - My White Bicycle
Tomorrow - Three Jolly Little Dwarfs
Tomorrow's Keepsake - Elevator Operator
Tongues - Each And Every Day
Toni Basil - I'm 28
Tonics - Daddy
Tony & The Vizitors - Saturday's Son
Tony Jackson Group - She Wanted Me
Tony Ritchie - Rain On My Window
Toyshop - Send My Love To Lucy
Tracey Robbins And The Vendells - My L.A.
Traffic Sound - Meshkalina
Travel Agency - She Understands
Tree Tops - Gypsy
Tricycle - It’s A Game
Tristar Airbus - Travellin' Man
Troggs - Evil Woman
Troggs - Feels Like A Woman
Troggs - I Can Only Give You Everything
Troggs - I Want You
Troggs - Lost Girl
Troggs - Night Of The Long Grass
Troggs - Our Love Will Still Be There
Troggs - Purple Shades
Troggs - Ride Your Pony
Troggs - The Raver
Troggs - You're Lyin'
Trolls - Don't Come Around
Tropics - As Time's Gone
Tropics - Time
Troy Shondell - Here It Comes Again
True Blue Facts - The Boy I Left Behind
Truth - A Day Like Today
Tuesday - Sewing Machine
Tuesday Club - Only Human
Tuneful Trolley - Hello Love
Tuneful Trolley - Sunny Days
Tuneful Trolley - Written Charter
Turtles - Outside Chance
Twas Brillig - Dirty Old Man
Twilights - Lotus
Twilights - What Wrong With The Way I Live
Twinn Connexion - I Think I'll Just Go and Find Me a
Two People - Stop, Leave My Heart Alone
U. K. Baby - Michael Blues
Ugly Ducklings - Nothin'
Unbelievable Uglies - Research Into the Soul Of
Psychedelic Sound
Unchained Mynds - We Can't Go On This Way
Underground Sunshine - Take Me, Break Me
Undertakers - Just A Little Bit
Unforscene - Little Toy
Uniques - You Ain't Tough
Unrelated Segments - Story Of My Life
Unrelated Segments - Where You Gonna Go
Untouchables - Love Is A Beautiful Thing
Us Four - The Alligator
Vagrants - Respect
Vamp - Thinkin' Too Much
Van Morrison - I Can Only Give You Everything
Vandaliers - You Talk Too Much
Vaughan Thomas - One More Time Around
Vectors - Paisley Haze
Velvet Haze - Last Day On Earth
Velvet Seed - Flim Flam Man
Ventures - Fuzzy And Wild
Ventures - Wild Child
Vibrants - Something About You
Victors - Cara-Lin
Vigrass & Osborne - Mister Deadline
Voids - I'm In A Fix
Voyage - One Day
Wailers - Out Of Our Tree
Wall Of Sound - Hang On
Warm Sounds - Birds And Bees
Warner-Porter-Warner - Lovin' Day
Waterproof Candle - Electrically Heated Child
Wayne Fontana - The Impossible Years
We All Together - It's A Sin To Go Away
We The People - In The Past
We The People - The Day She Dies
We The People - There's Gonna Be A Storm
We The People - When I Arrive
We The People - Who Am I
Weads - Don't Call My Name
Wellington Arrangement - Love
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - If You Want
This Love
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Smell Of
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Transparent
Whatt Four - You're Wishin' I Was Someone Else
Wheels - Bad Little Woman
Whispers - Knowin'
Wichita Fall - Ornamental Sideshow
Wild Cherries - Baby, Baby
Wild Cherries - You Know What You Want
Wild Things - Love Comes Love Goes
Wild Vybrashons - One Track Mind
William Penn & The Quakers - Believe Me
William Penn Fyve - Swamii
Wimple Winch - Save My Soul
Winston G - Riding With The Milkman
Winston's Fumbs - Real Crazy Apartment
Wizz Jones - One Grain Of Sand
Woolies - Who Do You Love
World Of Oz - Like A Tear
World Of Oz - Mandy-Ann
Yellow Payges - Follow The Bouncing Ball
Yellow Payges - Moonfire
Yellow Payges - Our Time Is Running Out
Yellow Payges - Vanilla On My Mind
Young Blood - Don't Leave Me In The Dark
Young Brothers - Mirror Mirror
Young Savages - Sitting On A Plane
Zakary Thaks - Bad Girl
Zekes - Leaving You
Zephyrs - There's Something About You
Zig Zag People - Baby I Know It
Zoo - (Standing On)The Sunset Strip
Zoo - Where Have All The Good Times Gone
Zoot - Feelings
Zoot - Flying
Zoot - Little Roland Lost
Zoot - Mr. Songwriter
Zoot - Sailing
Zoot - Three Jolly Little Dwarfs
Zoot - You Better Get Going Now

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