Known as the father of "Eurodisco" by helping carve such hits as Call Me for Blondie, Love To Love You Baby by Donna Summer, No More Words by Berlin, Flashdance . . . What A Feeling by Irene Cara, and programming soundtracks to American Gigolo, The Never Ending Story, Electric Dreams, Flashdance, Metropolis (1984), Scarface and Midnight Express, German-born Giorgio Moroder knew his synthesizers and made a fortune cranking out squeaky-clean pop hits. Taking the worst elements of Kraftwerk and ABBA, adding robot-like vocals and turning the blender to mix (125 beats per), stomachs were held in by the knowledge that Moroder at least contributed something of value to the history of music in the shape of the group Giorgio. Giorgio was a one-off bubblegum/pop group that provided Moroder an early training ground for his synth experiments and bombast predilections.

Perhaps one of the greatest singles of all time was the 1971 Son Of My Father hit backed with Underdog. Yes, the American DJs actually played Father and another European group, Chicory Tip, had a hit with their version of this near-perfect German Gum song. Not much is known about the group Giorgio except that the lead-singer struggled with his English but had a perfect voice for the genre. Moroder's work with Phil Oakley of the Human League many years later could not hold a candle to the effort put into this Classic single. There is a European greatest hits of Moroder's that contains these songs as well as Looky Looky and Moody Trudy (wherein Moroder attempts to squeeze the history of rock 'n' roll into each song in preparation for his disco onslaught). Seek this CD out and pay what they ask.

Selected Bubblegum-Related Releases:


(Hansa 80 052) 1969

1. Looky, Looky (Moroder - Rainford)
2. Mendocino (Sahm)
3. Mercy (J. Levine - S. Feldman)
4. Make Me Your Baby (Moroder - Jay)
5. Sorry Suzanne (Stephens - McCauley)
6. Yummy Yummy Yummy (Levine - Resnick)
7. Bad Moon Rising (Fogerty)
8. Proud Mary (Fogerty)
9. Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In (Rado - Ragni - MacDermot)
10. Muny Muny Muny (Heider - Holm)
11. Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' (Levine - Cordell)

SON OF MY FATHER (Dunhill/ABC Records DSX-50123) 1972

Side A
Son Of My Father (3:45)
Automation (4:13)
London Traffic (2:37)
Underdog (3:54)
Spanish Disaster (4:35)

Side B
Lord Release Me (3:47)
Pauline (3:03)
Watch Your Step (3:26)
That's How I See Her (3:15)
Tears (2:22)

All songs written by G. Moroder and Pete Bellotte.
A Hansa Recording produced by Stop International
Recorded at Giorgio`s Musicland Studios
Engineered by Giorgio Moroder and G. Zipelius
Arranged and directed by Giorgio Moroder
Co-ordinated by Pete Bellotte
Drums and percussion by Keith Forsey
Moog: F.B. Mushler and Moroder
Background vocals by Giorgio and friends

Spinach - 1973

1. America America
2. Rhythm Of Love
3. Action Man, Part 1
4. Knockin' On Your Door
5. Sweet Sixteen (You Know What I Mean)
6. Action Man, Part 2
7. Looky Looky
8. Don't You Worry

9. I'm A Bum
10. Sunny Mornin'
11. Sunshine Lady
12. Muny Muny


Bla, Bla Diddy/How Much Longer Must I Wait, Wait (Hansa 19228 AT) 1966
(as George & The Morodians)
Both sides written by Moroder/Murphy/Binder


Believe In Me/Stop (Hansa 19000 AT) 1966
A-Side (Loose/Steenhuis)
B-Side (Moroder/Wentorf/Schmeier/Steenhuis)


Moody Trudy (Moroder - Rainford) (2:26)/Stop (Moroder - Rainford - Schmeier - Wentorf) (3:30)
Hansa Records 14 454 AT - (ATCO, 45-6731)1968

Lilly Belle/Love's Morning Land ( Hansa 19 862 AT) 1968  
A-Side (Moroder-Jay)
B-Side (Moroder-Jay) 

Yummy Yummy Yummy/Make Me Your Baby (Hansa 14070 AT) 1968
A-Side (A. Resnick/J. Levine) 
B-Side (Moroder/Jay) 

Mah Na Mah Na/Doo-Bee-Doo-Bee-Doo (Ariola 14 431 AT) 1968 
A-Side (Umiliani)
B-Side (G. Moroder)
Arr. by Giorgio MoroderA Stop international Production by Giorgio Moroder

Also released in France under the name "Stop Studio Group" (Barclay, BLY 061 153) and reissued in Germany in 1977 as a single under the name "Stammer the Hammer" (Ariola 17 964 AT)


Looky Looky (G. Moroder and P. Rainford ) (2.39)/Happy Birthday (G. Moroder and Peter Rainford) (2.13) (Sonet T 9542 14 280) American release (ATCO records 45-6691) 1969


Cinnamon/Reesy-Beesy (Hansa 14196 AT) 1969
A-Side (Tobin - Cymbal) 
A-Side (Moroder - Jay) 

Arizona Man(Moroder - Callander - Murray) (5:15)/Sally Don't You Cry (Moroder - Callander - Murray) (2:45)  (Hansa 14574 AT) 1970

Arizona Man ( 2.58)/So Young ( 3.00) (Disco A Z, AZ-10-589) 1970
The longer version of 'Arizona Man' cut in two with 'So Young' as the second part.

Hilly Billy Man/Sally Don't You Cry
(BELTER 07-741) 1970

A-Side (Moroder - Callander - Murray)
B-Side (Moroder - Callander - Murray) 
(Spain release of "Arizona Man")


Son Of My Father/Underdog (Dunhill Records 45-D-4304) 1971

Son Of My Father/I'm Free Now (Hansa  10403)

Underdog /Watch Your Step (Hansa 14809) 1971

Written by Giorgio Moroder
Produced by Michael Kunze

Today's A Tomorrow (You Worried 'Bout Yesterday)/Pauline (Hansa 12157) (Polar, POS 1148 ) 1972  Written by G. Moroder - P.Bellotte

London Traffic/Everybody Join Hands (Ariola) 1972 
A-Side (Moroder - Bellotte) 
B-Side (Moroder - Bellotte) 

Take It, Shake It, Break My Heart/Spanish Disaster (Hansa, C 12 369 ) 1972 
A-Side (Moroder - Bellotte) 
B-Side (Moroder - Bellotte) 

The Future Is Past/Blue Jean Girl (Polydor, DR2056-179) 1972

Lonely Lovers Symphony /Crippled Words (Philips 6000.087) 1973
A-Side (Beethoven/Moroder/Bellotte)
B-Side (Moroder/Bellotte)

Heaven Helps the Man (Who Helps Himself)/Sandy (Philips 6000 119) 1973

Hilf dir selbst/Geh zu ihm (Philips 6000 114) 1973

Marrakesh/Nostalgie (Philips 6000 123) 1974
A-Side (G. Moroder/P. Bellotte/Prost)
B-Side (G. Moroder/P. Bellotte/Prost) 

Lie Lie Lie/Collico (Philips 6000 144) 1974
Both songs written by Moroder/Bellotte

Bricks and Mortar/It's a Shame (Philips 6000 173) 1975
A-Side (Moroder/Belotte)

B-Side (Moroder)

Rock Me To My Soul/Dark And Deep And Inbetween (Philips 6003 432) 1975

As 'Giorgio's Common Cause'

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