(RCA Victor LSP-4420, 1970)


OK, I don't know a thing about this CBS-TV Cartoon group. I don't remember the cartoon. I was the perfect age to have been exposed to them but all I remember is Milton The Monster, Casper The Friendly Ghost, and the scary episodes of Jonny Quest and Scoobie Doo. Too bad, because this terrifying trio certainly contributed to the long, rich (in flavor!) history of classic bubblegum with what I believe is their only long-player. A new friend of mine, David Smay, turned me onto the Goolies and I'm rushing to bring you what little information I have about them. I've heard the name Dick Monda whispered in the dark.

A mix of classic bubblegum and novelty makes the Groovie Goolies a must for any classic bubblegum fanatic. The songs on the LP shown above are:

1) Save Your Good Lovin' For Me
2) Bumble Goolie
3) We Go So Good Together
4) Frankie
5) Goolie Get Together
6) First Annual Semi-Formal Combination Celebration
Meet-The Monster Population Party
7) Spend Some Time Together
8) Cling Clang
9) Goolie Garden
10) One, Two, Three

Save Your Good Lovin' For Me, We Go So Good Together, and Spend Some Time Together are such fine examples of Classic Bubblegum that it is scary. Darn shame that they are obscured first by being Groovie Goolie songs then by being thrown together in the mix with seven novelty songs. Like Frankenstein's monster, the creature is at once gummy brain matter delight then the next some silly novelty guts. Not that Frankie isn't a great novelty song (psychedelic even) but I wish the Goolies experimented with bubblegum a bit more. But maybe that was scheduled for the second album.

Who's behind this Goolie Gum? What happened to the mad bubblegum scientists who stitched together these juicy offerings? I don't know. If you do, share with us -- we won't bite.



First Annual, Semi-Formal, Combination Meet-The Monster Population Party/Save Your Good Lovin' For Me (RCA 74-0383) 1970

(Did you know that The Groovie Goolies were produced by Richard Delvy from the surf band the Belairs?)