Hard Gum (To Find)

I'm a needy person . . . especially when it comes to bubblegum music. Just when I think I've heard it all I come across another song I've got to have or I get a song and it's in bad condition. What do I do? Why, I come up with a list like this! I'm asking -- oh, heck, I'm beggin' anyone who happens upon this page and has any of the songs listed (hopefully in good condition and digitally!) to e-mail me and we'll figure out a trade.

It's as simple as that!

Just print out a copy of this page and let the scavenger hunt begin!

E-mail Andy today!

A double-minted gum thanks to Harry Gish, Guy Lawrence, Kenny Winston, Philipp Zehrer, Dave Arlington, David Smay, Marlon Bridges, Brian Jenkins, Nick Black,
Ron Marshall, Tim Lakritz, Gavin May, Gary Landgren, Mirco Gasse, Manfred Gesch, David Brush, Rich Grunke, skinnyrobbie, rinsokid, nadarski1 (Matt),
Dave Nuccio, Doug and YOU!!!

UPDATED 2-15-13

BATS - Look Around (Marina MR-604, 1972)

BITTER ALMOND - Loving Each Other (UK United Artists UP 35197, 1971)
BLUE HORIZON - Get It Together (Billy Carl)
BOHANNA - Have A Good Day
CARNABY STREET RUNNERS - While You’re Out Looking For Sugar
CHANGIN' TIMES - Midnight Sun (Vocal) / Midnight Sun (Instrumental)
CRYSTAL SHIP - She's My Woman (And I Love Her) / Loneliness
DEREK - Looks Like Love
EDEN ROC'S - Get Together / The End Of Our Love

ENERGIZERS – Energy Rock
FRANKLIN BENJAMIN (Ron Dante) - Better Me Than You
(Reprise 0530)
FRANKLIN BROS. - Fire Eyed Woman From Oklahoma / Some Monday Morning   

FREE PRESS - Bubble Gum America / Watch Out Children (1970)

FUNNY FACE - Please Daddy Please / I Can't Sleep At Night

GERRY ROBINSON - What’s Your Name

INSOMNIACS - My Side Of The Story
JACK CARONE - Time For A Change
JOHN FRED & HIS PLAYBOY BAND - I Love You, I'm In Love Again, In The Mood, Jukebox Shirley, My First Love, There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight, The Fool, You Had To Be A Woman 
KASENETZ - KATZ SUPER CIRKUS - Collide, Heart Get Ready For Love, Jungle Junk
LAST ROW - Put It Where You Want It (Kenny Laguna '75)
LAST WORD - Thursday Morning

MAGIC BUS - Down In Mexico

MATCHMAKERS - Gently Baby Gently
MICHAEL PROCYSZYN - Charlie's Rainbow / The World Went Around And Around
(UNI 55079)

MIRROR - Musical Chairs
MORNING RAIN - Take Your Time
PENNY WONDER - Come On / Angel

Maybe (1969), Welcome Back To Dootieville (1971)
REUNION - Good Stuff
ROADHOUSE - Heaven Bound
(Big Tree BT-145, 1972)

SAMMY DAY AND THE COMIC STRIP – Love Is Bigger Than Football/You Can’t Trust Leaves

SANDWICH - Someone To Understand
SMUBBS - Her Love
THINK - Stop Runnin' Away / Faster Faster
(Columbia 4-44627, 1968)

WALDORF SALAD – Look At The Children
YELLOW BRICK ROAD - Please Babe (Wait For Me) / Don't Feel Sorry For Yourself
(Laurie LR 3470) 1968

YORKVILLE GRIND - Three Ring Circus
YOUNG SAVAGES - Sitting On A Plane / Wait A Minute
YOUNGSTERS - I Don't Stand A Chance

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