OK, I don't know much about this TV Cartoon group either and they're not even a cartoon! (And by the way kiddies, the chimps used in this show are no "Babe" animatronic/computer creations but the real thing. You can look it up!) I remember watching the show here and there but I don't remember chimps playing songs. Pity, because this simian sextet certainly adds to the ever-stretching history of classic bubblegum with this long-player. A new friend of mine, David Smay, turned me onto the Revolution and I give you what little information I have about them.

A solid offering of classic bubblegum makes Lance And The Revolution a must for any classic bubblegum fanatic. The songs on the LP shown above are:

1) Sha-La Love You
2) Teaser
3) Wild Dreams (Jelly Beans)
4) Kissin' Doll
5) Magic Feeling
6) Live
7) Rollin' In The Clover
8) Yummy Love
9) Vibrations
10) Daydreams
11) Blind Date

12) The Evolution Revolution

Swinging from one bubblegum tree to another, I've had the particular pleasure of bumping into Lancelot Link and the Evolution Revolution. This is one ripe bunch as they peel back the banana that is gum. The top bananas here are Sha-La Love You, Teaser, Live (with some very Joey Levine-like "la la's" thrown in for good measure) and Rollin' In The Clover. The rest of the songs are nearly as appealing (Vibrations has a delicious ending: "Chomp, chomp!" indeed!) and qualify for solid bubblegum contenders. Unlike the Groovie Goolies, the bubblegum party never stops once the Revolution starts.

And these chimps like to monkey around. Here's a sample lyric from Teaser: "Passed me by today and you don't know who I am/Girl you spread yourself around like strawberry jam." Based on what seems to be the group's favorite subject, I'd have to say these are some damn dirty apes.

Though you'd think that between the Monkees and the Links, it wouldn't take the Kinks to record songs like Apeman and King Kong. Imagine the possibilities. I smell a remake. Planet Of The Chimps, anyone?

Who's behind this Revolution? What happened to the bunch behind the bubblegum? I certainly don't know. If you do, share with us -- or we'll throw our crap at you!

UPDATE: According to simian sources, Steve Barri produced and wrote (at least) Sha-La-La. And Bob Emenegger put the studio band together.


Sha La Love/Blind Date (ABC 11278) 1970

Daydreams/Magic Feelings (ABC 11285) 1970