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"After nearly a decade without seeing each other, Diane Bernard and I reunite the 25-year comedy writing team of Stan Burns and Michael Marmer, creators of the 1970 Saturday morning TV show Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp. Won best documentary awards at the New York, Chicago, Baltimore and DC underground film fests."

This may be the only bubblegum-related documentary out there, so be a chimp and not a chump and check it out! It's 15-minutes long and well worth the wait to download. Gee, what could you listen to while you wait . . . ? Thanks Eric Meltzer for the tip!

(Update 6-2-06: This site is no longer available)

"Basic bubblegum. Accessible lyrics and a tune you think you've heard already. The flavor doesn't last, and your jaws get tired after awhile. We loved it."

Solid proof that some of the biggest groups of all time were influenced by bubblegum music. Sad about the drummers though.

"Buddah Records kicked off the bubblegum rock craze in 1968 with a batch of synthetic groups (floating collections of sessionmen). The result was some of the most ludicrous, if occasionally transcendent, trash produced in the rock and roll age. Kasenetz-Katz is the cream of the crop, but that doesn't mean a lot."

His book can be not bought at all fine book sellers.

"Yo soy un disco cabrado
You tengo chicle en cerabo"

Translated, that's:

"I'm a broken record
I have bubblegum in my brain"

The rumor that Beck will follow up his soul-tinged 1999 release, Midnight Vultures, with a bubblegum-laced CD called Morning Beagle started here.

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