Out of Omaha, Nebraska, The Coachmen signed to the White Whale label (The Turtles) in 1968 as Professor Morrison's Lollipop. Working with Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz, PML released three singles and some members later toured as part of the Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus along with the Ohio Express and 1910 Fruitgum Co. Joey Levine wrote for the group and did some of the producing and Lange Martine, Jr. performed some of the vocal duties.


You Got The Love (2:12) (J. Levine - K. Resnick)/Gypsy Lady (2:40) (J. Kasenetz - J.Katz - J.Palmes)(White Whale WW-275) 1968

You Got The Love: A Super K Production, Prod. by J. Levine & A. Resnick.
Gypsy Lady: A Super K Production, Prod. by J. Kasenetz & J. Katz.


You Got The Love is a typical Joey Levine song: upbeat, simple and a bit repetitive. The singer is Mr. Martine. Gypsy Lady sounds like Leonard Cohen circa McCabe and Mrs. Miller. Good if you like that kind of stuff but far removed from Bubblegum Music. The singer is not Mr. Martine.

Angela/Duba Duba Doo (White Whale WW-288) 1968
    * 'Dubba Dubba Doo' is 'Angels' mastered backwards! (Thanks Vince!)

Oo-Poo-Pah-Susie/You Can Take It (White Whale WW-293) 1969


The song Itchy Itchy appears on the Super K Kollection Volume 2 CD. The liner notes only state that it "is a rather unsubtle but cleaver reworking of Les Cooper's 1962 hit, Wiggle Wobble." The song is simple, fun and full of bees. I can't identify the singer but it's definitely the third PML singer I've heard so far.