This raw R&B garage band from Chicago recorded Van Morrison's Gloria (a hit for Morrison's group, Them) in 1966 and it placed at #10 in the charts. With no hits forthcoming and with numerous lineup changes, band leader Jim Sohns put together a new lineup and recorded an album for Super K. This bubblegum phase yielded another hit with the Kasenetz-Katz produced Shake. After the group disbanded, Sohns formed a heavy-medal version of the Knight which continued to play into the 90s. Their One Way Records collection, Shake, captures this brief bubblegum period with the classic My Fire Department Needs a Fireman and Run Run Billy Porter as well as Follow and Alone written by the Godfather of Gum, Joey Levine. (Oh Yeah, appearing on the "must-have" NUGGETS box set is a garage band classic. These guys had game.)

Listings below for bubblegum era only.


ALBUM (Bubblegum only):

SHADOWS OF KNIGHT (Super K SKS 6002) 1969


CD (Bubblegum only):

SHADOWS OF KNIGHT: SHAKE (One Way Records OW 30331, 1994)


45s (Bubblegum only):

Shake/From Way Out To Way Under (Team 520) 1968

My Fire Department Needs A Fireman/Taurus (Super K SK-108) 1969

My Fire Department Needs A Fireman/Run Run Billy Porter (Super K SK-110) 1969

They're not in the shadows! Check out the official web-site:

Legendary Shadows Of Knight