Indian Giver
By: 1910 Fruitgum Co.
(Bobby Bloom - Bo Gentry - Ritchie Cordell)

I can still remember it wasn't long ago
Things you used to tell me
You said I had to know
Told me that you love me
And that you always would
Then I said I loved you
You said that that was good
Girl you made a promise
Said you'd never want me to go
Oh no, oh

Indian giver
Indian giver
You took your love away from me
Indian giver
Indian giver
Took back the love you gave to me

Baby, I was feeling the way I want to feel
You had me believing the love we had was real
Things we did together
You said they'd never end
Now and till forever
Oh yeah, that's what you said
Girl when I was down I knew that you would always be there
Oh, yeh



Chorus x 3



Up until this song, I wasn't much of a Fruitgum fan. This song -- flying in the face of all that is safe and sacred in popular music -- made me smokem' peace pipe with the group (Damn, I'm in trouble now!). It really solidified the use of Indian and steam trains rhythms in Bubblegum. Play this one and start a debate . . . on the dance floor!



. . . plays the Indian musical clichés to the hilt . . . not a very PC song by today's standards, so you won't hear it on the radio . . . funny that -- in the height of political awareness in the '60s -- it was a big hit . . . another cool bubblegum organ solo segues nicely into another Indian music cliché . . . remade today, it would be called I Gave You Love And Then You Returned It . . .