(Middle left: Kim Carnes!)

Another cartoon band that made it big and another one I somehow don't remember. Just what was I doing back then? I certainly wasn't practicing my piano! Kim Carnes (a good 10 years away from her smash hit Bette Davis Eyes) and some "B-List" studio musicians (the Banana Splits got the "A-List") were behind this sugary confection. Now why couldn't there have been a record based on a cereal I really liked? The Quisps!


Side One
1) Happiness Train (Michael McGinnis)
("Sugar Bear" & "Honey Bear")
2) All of My Life (Kim Carnes)
("Sugar Bear")
3) Right On (Baker Knight)
("Sugar Bear")
4) Feather Balloon (Kim Carnes)
("Honey Bear")
5) Kinda Friendly Things (Mike Settle)
("Sugar Bear")
6) Love You've Been A Long Time Coming (Mitch Murray)
("Sugar Bear")

Side Two
1) You Are The One (Baker Knight)
("Sugar Bear")
2) The Two of Us Together (Mike Settle)
("Sugar Bear" & "Honey Bear")
3) It's A Good Day (Kim Carnes)
("Honey Bear")
4) Someone Like You (Mike Settle)
("Sugar Bear")
5) Anyone But You (Baker Knight)

A Product of National Musitime Corp.

Produced by Jimmy Bowen for Amos Productions, Inc.
Arranged by Pete Carpenter & Glen D. Hardin



You Are The One/Someone Like You (Big Tree 122), 1972

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Apart from Kim Carnes, another interesting name involved with the Sugar Bears is that of songwriter Baker Knight. Knight had huge early success as the writer of a string of hits for Ricky Nelson, the biggest of which being "Lonesome Town". He spent the sixties providing superb L.A. teen pop for acts like Dino, Desi & Billy and Nancy Sinatra. The Monkees recorded his "She's So Far Out She's In" but it remained unreleased until Rhino Handmade' "Headquarters Sessions" boxset in 2001. Other interesting credits include Round Robin's Halloween punk classic "I'm The Wolfman" and (remarkably) the stately psychedelic waltz "Shifting Sands" on the first Reprise album by the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. Perhaps his finest achievement was when Elvis recorded his "The Wonder Of You". So there, in a nutshell, is Baker Knight - a man who had wrote songs for Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and a group of cartoon bears! - Regards, Guy

Wasn't Kim's future (at that time) husband, Dave Ellingson, also part of that 'group'? - David

I'm big on Bubblegum and LOVE those Sugar Bears!!!!!! I've got an extra track by them, 'Some Kind Of A Summer' (yup same tune as David Cassidy hit with) not on the LP (Big Tree 151, 45rpm) and was wondering if anyone here knew of any other material they did? - Ann Other Newbie

I bought Mike Settle's s/t LP on UNI on the strength of his performance on The Sugar Bears!!!!!! It's sound was a loooooong way from the Sugar Bears as I recall!!!!!!!!! Must dig it out again for a listen with fresh ears :-)

Mike was a former member of the First Edition with Kenny Rogers BTW!!!! -

And, another bit of trivia, Kim knew Kenny from when they both did touring gigs for New Christy Minstrels. - David