Featuring Tony Orlando

Despite a carefully hidden list of band members on the back cover of their only album (for the record: John, John, Jay, Jimmy, Dick), Wind was no more than a studio group conceived by Bo Gentry. Utilizing the vocal talents of Tony Orlando and enlisting the songwriting talents of no less than Joey Levine, Bo Gentry, Bobby Bloom, Chip Taylor, and Anders & Poncia, Wind seemed destined for the top of the charts. Unfortunately, they were soon gone with the wind. Should they have called the group Tony Orlando and the Wind? Should they have included the classic Groovin' With Mr. Bloe? Did the mirror album cover turn off everyone but future desert island castaways?


album: MAKE BELIEVE (Life LLPS-2000) 1969

I'll Hold Out My Hand (2:56) (Chip Taylor - Al Gorgoni)
Teenybopper (3:05) (Bo Gentry - Bobby Bloom)
Ain't Like It Used To Be (3:15) (Bo Gentry - Joey Levine)
I Think We're Alone Now (3:15) (Bo Gentry - Richie Cordell)
December Mornin', (3:37) (Evan Charmatz)
Make Believe (2:59) (Bo Gentry - Joey Levine)
Only When I'm Dreamin' (2:43) (Bo Gentry - Pete Anders - Vinnie Poncia, Jr.)
Cheatin' (2:54) (Bo Gentry - Kenny Laguna)
Angel Of The Mornin' (2:32) (Chip Taylor)
Tell Him No (2:22) (Bo Gentry - Paul Naumann)
Love Flashin' Through Me (2:19) (Mike Christian - Les Margolies)

Produced by: Paul Naumann & Bo Gentry
Highs, Lows & Sound Controls: Harry Yarmark
Recorded at Allegro Sound Studios, New York City
A Bo Gentry Conception

Groovin' With Mr. Bloe/ Are You Nuts? (Forward 152) 1970 As "Cool Heat"
Make Believe/Groovin' With Mr. Bloe (Life L-200) 1969
Teenybopper/I'll Hold Out My Hand (Life L-202) 1969
Groovin' With Mr. Bloe/ Are You Nuts? (Life 203) 1970 As "Cool Heat"
Juanita (Unknown) 

. . . I'll Hold Out My Hand
originally recorded and released earlier the same year by Evie Sands . . . The Clique also recorded it about the same time as Wind, and their version went to #45 in Billboard . . . album distributed by Joey Levine's Earth Records . . . Kenny Laguna went on to be a longtime collaborator with Joan Jett . . .