A Bubblegum

Lovers Wish List

AN INTERVIEW WITH . . . JOEY LEVINE, KRIS RESNICK, ARTIE RESNICK, JERRY KASENETZ, JEFF KATZ, 10CC (LOL CREME, GRAHAM GOULDMAN, ERIC STEWART, KEVIN GODLEY), MARK GUTKOWSKI, AL KOOPER, and any of the other wonderfully gifted people who brought us Bubblegum music. (Did I suck up enough? Geez, all I want is a reason to take my first trip to New York!).

THE BANANA SPLITS ANTHOLOGY Hey, it's only 18 songs! And I'm sure there's outtakes, alternate takes, and jams to Chuck Berry tunes! There's a rare CD (only 1000 copies pressed) out there with all the Splits songs: I wish someone would get on that friggin' ebay and get me the one that's up for auction now. But, as with all internet auctions . . . Banana beware! Update: well, you blew your chance to suck up to me. I bought the Banana/Beagle CD off the web from an auction site (I will not endorse them by naming them here) for $60 sticks of cash. It contains 21 songs! Joy! I still think there's unreleased material. Maybe they moved into Bob Dylan's house after The Band left . . . I mean, it was called BIG PINK! Update June 2000: Hold The Bus! The following list of unreleased Banana Split songs have surfaced on the net: Our Little Show Goes On, Adam Had 'Em, I'd Be A Millionaire, The Place For The Music To Come Out, and You Had Your Chance. Thought I was joking when I said "Anthology," didn't ya'?!? I have Our Little Show Goes On. I taped 12 episodes of the show in the early 90s when they were playing on TNT and the song was used extensively to promote the series. Thanks "joe" for the scoop!

THE KASENETZ-KATZ SINGING ORCHESTRAL & SUPER CIRCUS ANTHOLOGY Two albums on one CD! 22 songs! Stickers! 3,000 Bubblegum fans screaming at Carnegie Hall! The 1989 Musical Marching Zoo, Prof. Morrison's Lollipop, St. Louis Invisible Marching Zoo, and J.C.W. Rat Finks join the Ohio Express, 1910 Fruitgum Company, The Music Explosion, and The Shadows Of Knight for the Woodstock of Bubblegum!

BUBBLEGUM FANS SEND ME MUSIC I AIN'T GOT The offer is still on, um, under the table. E-mail me an offer to send me CD-R copies of music I ain't got and I can provide two of the following: