REMEMBER YOU'RE A WOMBLE (Columbia KC 33140) 1974


Wombling Summer Party/Wimbledon Sunset (Columbia 10013) 1974

Remember You're A Womble/The Wellington Womble (Columbia 10033) 1974

Wombling Song/Wombles Everywhere (Epic 11119) 1974


Review of Remember You're A Womble from CREEM magazine, December 1974:

Time warps are scary. Like, if the weather's fine and no airplanes, I can get My Little Margie, Sgt. Bilko, Jack Benny, and Dobie Gillis on Mon. - Fri. nites on this weird little station outa New Hampshire. It stinks of the Twilight Zone. Now even the pop chartsexists in such a time warp. I mean, I could visualize it with TV cuz maybe some underground pirate is guarding all the old series in some cave and beeping em out in irregular patterns so he won't get caught. It's like preserving some lost form of primitive art. But, Sheesh, when even pop radio coughs up the sounds of circa '63, it's getting kinda ridiculous.

Take the Wombles, for example. This combo is extremely big in England but for no apparent reason other than they sound like the Beach Boys and the now familiar surf scene. Yeah, OK, they're fun, but how the hell you gonna support a buncha clowns that look like Cousin It from The Addams Family and a second-rate version of the Banana Splits, the Bugaloos, and the H.R. Pufnstuff tribe? Every cut on the album is about Wombles amd Womblemania from square dancing imitations to soul riffs. The Archies were a disguised pop band of a cartoon mentality like the Wombles, but their particular flair for bubblegum, whoever they were, was sorta unique. Here, all the Wombles can do is imitate other genres and other trends. It's more like a summer gimmick record cept that unsuspecting tykes will buy Wombling Summer Party before they ever hear Surfin Safari. It's truly a shame that the Pipkins can't be around to wipe this crass mediocrity off the charts for good. - Robot A. Hull