The Phish of their day, The Zig Zag People were jam-happy session players psychedelisizing bubblegum songs made famous by 1910 Fruitgum Co., Music Explosion, Tommy James & The Shondells, and Ohio Express. Group named after either a maneuver performed by a football running back or a type of paper used to wrap a particular herb. The answer was not available at press time. The highlight is “Sally Goes To The Dentist” if only because the group pokes fun at Buddah Records located at 1650 Broadway.

Who actually played and sang on this great album? No one knows. By the sound of things, maybe a Blood, Sweat, or Tear. Possibly a Steppenwolf. Regardless, these spacy, jazzy covers (with Chewy as a highlight) and two excellent originals written by Jack Murphy & Mickey Earle (Sally & Peel) makes this a must album to search out, roll up, and smoke on your turntable.

More recent information:
May have formed 1968 in Long Island, NY with members that may have included Mike Brown (drums), Ralph Maccio (vocals), Sal Cervellera (guitar), Mike Moccio (keyboards), and Peter Baraun (bass). Or maybe it was Peter Braune, J.Q Brown, Sal Cervelle, Michael Dean and Ralph Vincent. I really need to take some research lessons!

(Decca DL 75110/Aust Festival SDL-933402) 1969
1.) Little Bit Of Soul (Carter Lewis) - 3:11
2.) Hanky Panky (Jeff Barry - Ellie Greenwich) - 3:58
3.) Simon Says (E. Chiprut) - 3:17
4.) Yummy, Yummy, Yummy (Joe Levine - Arthur Resnick) - 3:45
5.) Sally Goes To the Dentist (Available In 8 & 16MM) (M. Earle - J. Murphy) - 3:25
6.) 1 2 3 Red Light (Sal Trimachi - Bobby Trimachi) - 3:48
7.) Chewy Chewy (Joe Levine - Kris resnick) - 5:34
8.) Indian Giver (Bobby Gentry - Richie Cordell - Robert Bloom) - 4:06
9.) Peel It Off Your Face (Murphy Earle - Jack Murphy) - 3:16

Produced by Vinny Testa

Non-LP single "Baby I Know It" b/w "Peace of Mind" (Decca catalog number 32607)