Verdict is in: This HALO design is not ground dependent and can be mounted atop a section of PVC.  See comments!

The gamma section isn't really a true gamma section.  I found that if I feed the center of one of the 1/4 wave elements the antenna matched up pretty well.  I ended
 up tuning this antenna for the FM portion of 2-meter band, trimming the elements to around 19 1/2" on each side of the Halo.  Surprisingly, this antenna works well
 for FM, even if it is a horizontal design.  What I like most is that it's low profile, so it doesn't smack the tree branches when mounted on top of my van.  A plus!

Some comments about the 2-meter HALO antenna.

Christopher KD7REM mounted a HALO on his 1955 Chevy Pickup.

The STEALTH HALO images! (a small joke...)

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