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This is just a little gag I pulled when I went to Horse Traders in the fall of 1999.

Horse Traders is one of the largest Ham Fests in New England.  There are 2 of them
each year.  One in the Spring and the other in the Fall, in Rochester, NH.

I retired this antenna after the Ham Fest.  It did turn a lot of heads set up this way.

This whole antenna was built with spare parts from the junk box.  It was one of
those "what if" projects.  I actually road around all Summer with this antenna and
it worked well.  It was fun to see the look on peoples faces.  (The wife wasn't happy.)

After this stunt I replaced it with a 5/8th wave antenna from Radio Shack.  I'll keep
this Halo antenna just the way it is in these photos.  It will be for other Ham Fests!
(For some reason the wife had a really bad reaction to the Halo in Stealth Mode...)

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