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VHF-FM Antenna Made From 450-Ohm LADDER LINE
Great first time J-pole project.  Covers most of the basics.
This small and thin design also makes it good for several stealth applications.
And......We've nicknamed this design the "LL-Coool-J"

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SO-239 and Choke Modification:
450-Ohm Ladder Line is perfectly spaced for something like this..  This fun idea was a little time consuming to build.  But it should make things a little more versatile.  It's now ready for the hot glue treatment to cover over some of the exposed contact areas.  There is still one open mounting hole on the SO-239 for the addition of a safety grounding system wire.
SWR results: 1.1:1 @ 146.000Mhz with this new configuration! 
And this was without having to change any of the element lengths.
(..It's just one of the mysteries of antenna modeling..)

Stealth Mode Applications: V1:02.1; ID:LL-coool-j-FOX 
(..And, GOOD LUCK finding this FOX..)
Black Ladder Line is just boring.
Time for a facelift.  Kick it up a notch!
Now you see it.

But, not for long...
BAM!  What antenna?  It's gone...
Anything will work. 
Just change the look. 

Punch holes or use your ideas.
We used an old onion bag 
and a cardboard cutout for stenciling.

Use non-metallic based paints.
You've got to have a little fun... 
No one said we had to be normal...
Happy Fox Hunting!

Looking for a different project idea?  This could be your lucky day!

Or Build a Phasing Coil!

(18 or 20 gauge solid copper wire works okay for this phasing coil...up to you..  Feed-point info for the coax hook-up stays the same..)

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