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VHF-FM Antenna Made From 450-Ohm LADDER LINE
Great first time J-pole project.  Covers most of the basics.
This small and thin design also makes it good for several stealth applications.
And......We've nicknamed this design the "LL-Coool-J"
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Comments section

Editor's Notice:
Thank you very much for stopping at our Ham Web page and checking out our latest j-pole design ideas.  We had a lot of fun doing this particular experiment together.  450-Ohm Ladder Line is very easy to work with and a real easy material to find.  This should make things a little easier for those that choose to reproduce the experiment.  We can not guarantee your antenna will come out exactly the same as ours did.  We hope you enjoy the artwork.  Building this j-pole antenna is simple.  Designing the supporting artwork is a little more complicated...  Sorry to do this...

Editor's Legal Notice:
We have released this (V1:02 ID: LL-cool-j) design image along with all other supporting artwork into the public domain.  Please always use them in the same free and open manner of which they were first intended.  Any Ham (Amateur Radio Operator) may build this design for their private use and without compensation to the authors (KB1GTR & KB1DIG).  The images themselves may not be used for any commercial or any other purposes by any individual or company or organization, without a written consent from the authors.  The images are not for sale.  The images are not to be sold for profit.  Our address:  9 Kelley Drive, Dover, NH, 03820

Editor's Notice To Fellow Hams:
Our total intention is to help other Hams expand their personal knowledge of the hobby.  Especially New Hams.  The J-pole information presented here is a collection of basic ideas fond from various free sources and on the internet.  Of course, everyone enjoys adding their personal touches, much as we have.  If you're a Ham, it's okay to save this J-pole design image to your computer or print it out for your personal future reference.  Please do.  All Ham's have our written permission to do this.  Everything should print out onto just one page.  Send it out by E-mail or just place it onto a floppy disk and pass it on to other Hams.  Post this design image on your Ham related Web Page and please create a hypertext link back to this Editor's Noticepage. 

Our design interruption depicted should be dependable and reproducible.  The J-pole itself, is an interestingly unique and inexpensive idea that has been around for many years.  The original concept has stood the test of time and has (almost) always been passed freely form one Ham to the next.  In other words, this is one of the first building blocks for beginners.  Many old-timers called the J-pole an End-fed Zep.  It is very similar in design to the end-fed antennas of the 1930ís used on the Zeppelin Dirigible Airships.

We do have our personal time and efforts into the artwork for this Web project, and it is FREE!...  Not for sale...  For everyone to enjoy.   Please pass this and other information we've posted freely on to others.  All Hams should play a major role in helping to keep it this way.   Free!  Help keep the hobby moving forward in the right direction.  Always in the true spirit of which it was intended.  High-tech with Low-budgets..  Expanding our hobby through experimentation..  Working toward self-improvements for possible emergency use, someday..  Sharing results and experience openly.. 

Our point:  Our hobby is what we all decide to make of it.  We are in control.  It's continued future depends totally on us.  It's not about the money.. An FCC Call-Sign is not an entitlement to a paycheck.  There are never true Ham experts and there is always room for new concepts..  Keep your minds and eyes open.  Teach others what you have learned.  There is no greater reword then this.

But not so serious... Keep it FUN!  Keep the bands open.. 
And, LONG LIVE the J-pole!

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