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Go Fightin' Thunda Bunda's!!!


Excellent choice!
You're on your way to becoming
THE Fightin' Thunda Bunda
everyone wishes they could be!


The proud tradition of curling at BundeSchwager U. is as long and illustrious (give or take some luster and a couple hundred years) as curling itself.

Fielding the best curling team is not only one of the top goals at BundeSchwager U. pretty much it's our only goal.

When our 'Skip' delivers the 'rock' down the 'sheet' on it's way to the 'house' with the 'Sweepers' following the varied and pressing cries of 'Whoa!' and 'Hurry!' and some other equally urgent phrases we've never truly been able to understand as the 'stone' glides it's way from the 'hog line' right to the 'button', well, I'm sure you'll understand why there just may have been some 'drinking' involved at the 'bonspiel' during the creation of the great sport of Curling!

What are you waiting for? An invitation? Well, here it is!

Join the BundeSchwager U.
Curling Fightin' Thunda Bunda's
right now!

Just click on our official Curling Uniform (although we do not supply pants they ARE NOT optional!) and become a member of the elite squad known world wide as the BundeSchwager U. Curling team:

But don't think putting on our shirt is all you have to do! Hell no! What do you think we are? The Blindfolded Diving Team? PLEASE!

You've got to work to be a Curling Fightin' Thunda Bunda!

You've got to spend a little time perfecting your 'delivery' until hearing, 'Nice rock!' is a foregone conclusion. So grab your 'rocks', pack your 'brooms' and head over to the 'Brutus Twoshoes Curling Complex':

(click rink to go to practice)

Maybe brush (no pun intended!) up on some intricacies inherent on the sheet at Curling School:

(click sheet to brush up on your skills)

Maybe get involved with the world of Curlers:

(click keg to chill!)

Then meet the men who lead the USA to Olympic glory:

(click the champions)

What's that? You're not sure if the grueling hours you have to put in to be a BundeSchwager U. Curler is right for you but you still have a burning desire to help the team at any cost?

Well, have we got swag for you! Besides the official BundeSchwager U. Curling uniform (which you can also purchase - we won't tell anyone) you can also show your BundeSchwager U. Curling spirit by purchasing our Curling Spirit shirts! Just click on the one or one dozen you want and you too can tell the world that 'Curling Rocks' and the BundeSchwager U. Fightin' Thunda Bunda's rock hardest!

What are you waiting for?
The BundeSchwager Curling Team
Is Waiting For You!

1 Bundeschwager Way
Perth, Western Australia
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