An annual experiment in temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression and self-reliance. To truly understand this event, one must participate.

You belong here and you participate. You're not the weirdest kid in the classroom — there's always somebody there who's thought up something you never even considered.

You're here to survive. What happens to your brain and body when exposed to 107 dB sounds, moisture wicking off your body and dehydrating you within minutes? You know and watch yourself. You'll want to reconsider drinking that alcohol (or taking those other substances) you brought with you — the mind-altering experience of Burning Amp is its own drug.

You're here to create. Since nobody at Burning Amp is merely a spectator, you're here to build your own new world. You've built an egg for a loudspeaker enclosure, a tube amp made of light sticks, a preamp that looks like a shark's fin. You've covered your cables in silver, you're wearing a straw hat and a string of pearls, or maybe a skirt for the first time. You withstand the laughter of others.

You're here to experience. Listen to the music in the expanse of nothingness with your eyes closed.

You're here to celebrate. On Sunday night, we'll burn the Amp. As the procession starts, the circle forms, and the amp ignites, you experience something personal, something new to yourself, something you've never felt before. It's an epiphany, it's primal, it's newborn. And it's completely individual.

You'll leave as you came. The waste you make and the objects you consume leave with you. Volunteers will stay for weeks to return the venue to its pristine condition.

But you'll take the world you built with you. When you head back down the dusty roads toward home, you slowly reintegrate to the world you came from. You feel in tune with the other geeks that shared the same community. Over time, vivid images still dance in your brain, floating back to you when the weather changes. The Burning Amp community, whether your friends, your new acquaintances, or the Burning Amp project, embraces you. At the end, though your journey to and from Burning Amp are finished, you embark on a different journey — forever.




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