It's you, it's us, it's the community. And there will be some incredibly interesting guests, talks, and demonstrations.


Event founders and Master Burners:

Stuart Yaniger
Mark Cronander
Vladimir Simovich
Contact :


Burning Amp is a totally informal, non-profit, non-commercial geek gathering for audio constructors and designers. It has no connection with Burning Man whatsoever except sheer admiration for the concept and the people behind it. We have no assets and there’s really nothing to sue for, so please don’t sic lawyers on us.

Likewise, we aren’t responsible for your equipment or if you do something silly and hurt yourself or someone else. That’s part of the experience, taking responsibility for yourself and watching out for your geek buddies.

The history of this event, discussions, and Q&A can be found at www.diyaudio.com.
All the copyrights are reserved and any unauthorised usage of images or any other matirial is prohibited.




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