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Because of my photo documentation responsibilities, I mostly limited myself to an assigned narrow slice of playa pie, in which most of the following art could be found - approximately 6:00 to the man to 4:15 to the Esplanade.

The Heron Project by Christina Sporrong. I really liked how this developed over the event - no wings, then wings, then fire wings.

Left: Gee-Gnome! by Rosa Anna DeFillippis - I took a lot of photos trying to get a better texture of the flame, with less overexposure, but this was about as good as I could do at the time.

Right: The Lighthouse Project 2.0 by Gina Limon - An art car went by and kicked up a cloud of dust, which resulted in simulated fog.

Gort by Stefan Werner and Ulrich Klumpp - One of the best interactive sound pieces I have seen in my 11 years on the playa.

Bio*tanical Garden by Rossella Scapini

The Grotto and Garden of Manifest Destiny byRandy Polumbo.

Left: more "Grotto and Garden".

Right: fire barrels outside Illumination Village.

y=1/4sin(Pi x/3.08)/Homeostatic Self Portrait by Michael Emery

The Raygun Gothic Rocket by Sean Orlando, Nathaniel Taylor, David Shulman, John Manyjohns, highly processed on the right.

Left: This image used a 300mm lens. I was hoping for more detail on the moon, but could not make it happen without loss of focus on the rocket. I had better success with an image of the man - see the man page. I think if the moon is too high in the sky, then you have to get too close to the art to allow a good focus on both. My theory is to attempt this kind of shot again in the future when the moon is low on the horizon, and when there is still some sunlight available.

Right: Galaxy on a Stick by Johnathan Smith

Left: inside of an unidentified installation with rows of LED lights.

Right: I returned later to find that people enjoyed standing inside the project and having the LED shell spun around them, causing them to feel not well at all.

Left: more human interaction with the LED piece.

Right: Tiffany Lee Brown and her Easter Island Project on the outer Center Camp wall.

National Playaraphic by L.A. Sugai and an unidentified piece. Both had a viewhole to the man or for people. Using a high f-stop improved depth of field, but I also need more practice with hyperfocal distance, because high f-stops alone aren't always enough for the focus issue. In post processing, it was fun to use a perspective tool in order to make the art more perfectly rectangular.

SWARM by Phil Spitler

Left: SWARM and SOMA

Right: Portal of Evolution

Portal of Evolution by Bryan Tedrick

Left: the top of an unidentified piece at Center Camp

Right: portion of The Museum of Unnatural Selection by Jennifer Forbes.

Left: Chimera Sententina by Rebecca Anders

Right: inside Transport Your Head by Logan Tautenhahn

"Who Gave Birth" by Laura Kimpton - A star cross filter employed on the night shot.

Left: image taken from wdydwyd? by Tony Deifell

Right: preparatory work on Soma by Ruza Markov

Soma was beautiful at night, even without fire.

Left: Unidentified artist with his work - we talked for awhile, I just can't remember the details, anyone able to help with this identification puzzle?

Right: Groovik's Cube by David Lockhart

Red Lightning

Left: Department of Pink Works (Kidsville)

Right: Sacred Spaces

The SS Equipment Yard.

View from the tower in the SS Equipment Yard.

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