Steve's Burning Man Images - 2009 - The Man

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One of the few times during the event where I switched to a 300mm lens. I did the best exposure I could get of the moon. In post processing I sharpened the man and increased his brightness. If I can get the timing right, some day I will try to catch the moon lower on the horizon, with some daylight available to light the man better.

Event: mooning the man

Right: a fire performer (Madhatter Tea Party theme) walked in front of the man as the flash went off. For more fire performers with actual fire, see my 2009 fire performers page.

Regarding the image on the right: there is a scottie dog, man's best friend, on the right side of the man (left in the image) and to the left of the man, there is a football player about to tackle the man, a harbinger of autumn and the everchanging seasons. ;-) See, these photos aren't all the same!

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