Steve's Burning Man Images - 2009 - People

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Scenes from Center Camp Cafe

Ranger Camp Moscow

Left: Ranger Camp Moscow

Right: Librarian Cocktail Party, Hushville

Sakenoma guys in good spirits.

I was tasked to document the Yellow Bike Project, so I started looking for yellow bikes, till I realized that they were green.

Left: Bubble Man

Right: Author Daniel Pinchbeck at Red Lightning

Kidsville - yes I asked permission from everyone in sight!

Left: Kidsville, somebody is happy to be back on the playa!

Right: Dad and kid at Center Camp

They really wanted me to take their pictures. It wasn't easy to get them lit up and keep the black light effects in the car. After several attempts, this was about what I could do without making it an all night project. I held the flash off camera and I think that helped some.

Intergalactic Species Parade:

The Intergalactic Species Parade was put on by some friends from Portland.

Right: with can of "nut ice"

The parade included The Burning Band

People in my camp:

Right: 9/7/09, Lakeview, Oregon - reintegration ultimately happens in my dreams.

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