Steve's Burning Man Images - 2010 - Art

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Zonotopia by Rob Bell

Mant Farm by sober Free society (Jesse Rathbun, Efus Richman, Taylor Gaussoin)

nucleus by kasia danuta-bilhartz

Minaret by Bryan Tedrick

Ein Hammer by Mister Jellyfish

City Life Reaching for Balance by Daniel Lynch

Perpetual Pirouette by Steve Roper


rePiano Project by Dave Aiazzi, Dolores Aiazzi, and Leah Chubb

Wish by Rob Buchholz

Following the Megatropolis burn, a dust strom set in. There was very little visibility at all. It was impossible to ride bikes. We set out in the direction of the man and figured we might be on target if we kept walking into the wind and if other people were going the same way. There was a worry of the possibility of being hit by a moving vehicle. Eventually we saw the Wish sculpture and stayed there a little while, an oasis of light and protection. After that, we were able to pick out the 3:00 lanterns between the man and the esplanade. And after that, the next familiar object was the Thunderdome, appearing in all its glory as the dust momentarily parted.

choir of the winds by Thomas E Trower

Roaches by Matthew Silvey

Inside the Box of Time by Deborah Colotti

The Cradle by Matthew Schultz & Mikey Souza

electric koi pond by Debi Cable and Sean "Chango" Caffey

Mountain View byTony Charrett and Zoe Jong

Vapid Transit by Elizabeth Miller, Dwight Harbough, Clay Hamilton

Darwin on the Pot by David Cagan

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