Steve's Burning Man Images - 2011 - The Man

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Unfortunately, the neon was not turned on till later.

Ideally, there would be more detail in the flame, maybe a graduated filter turned sideways would have worked.

Its been very challenging to get a good man plus moon shot. I make notes about moonrise and moonset before departing for the playa. This year there was the added bonus of a crew working on the man. As the moon was setting I had to keep running backwards with the camera and tripod to place it next to the man. Eventually, the bottom portion of the crescent began to disappear. It took a moment for me to realize that it was setting behind the mountains. There is something very "centering" or meditative in being so aware your place relative to earth's rotation.

The upswing of the man's arms on the night of the burn. I had a mostly sideways perspective, so its not as obvious as it could have been.

You can see a part of one of the explosions, either before or after. I really wanted to capture these at their height but did not have it together enough to anticipate them and make adjustments in the camera settings. Maybe next year.

OK, this is a fun mistake. I was accidentally zooming during an exposure. I kind of like the results.

Picking through the remains, the following morning.

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