Steve's Burning Man Images - 2011 - People

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Center Camp

Larry Harvey Look Alike Contest

Violinist at Golden Cafe

Black Rock Bakery, in the French Quarter


Chicken Fight at Uli Babas

Kosmik Dust and Circus Boot Camp


DJ at More Carrot

Bunny of Rabbit in the Moon, plays at Syndicate


Mitch Altman and Jim Newberry talking at Center Camp

Snowshoe Races at Alternative Energy Zone

Intense reading session at the Living Room

Preparing for the Blind Feast at Sukkat Shalom

Bocce Ball at Bocce Ballsy

Free Movement Zone's Temple of Polegasm

Trampoline at Love Potion and Swing at Suspended Animation

Tetherball at Misfit Circus

ready with transfusion

True Mirror Palace

Dr. MegaVolt

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