Steve's Burning Man Images - 2012 - Miscellaneous

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Crimson Rose and the Opening Ceremony

Center Camp


Playa Choir and Photographers on tour

Gamellan X plays Center Camp


Hair of the Dog and Jazz Cafe

Yellow Gorilla

Lost Penguin and Recycle Camp

Media Mecca

Spin Cycle and Earth Guardians

Silicon Village and Dragondebris

inside one of several international theme tents at Ashram Galactica

Black Rock Post Office

Black Rock Yearbook

SwagMart and Twista House

BMIR and DJ Small Change

Shovelman at Center Camp and piano at The Dump

Marching Band contest

Operafication of Center Camp

50k and Ultramarathon

Desert Morning

Pickle Joint

Champagne Lounge

SantaCon arrives at EGGS Camp

Greeters Camp

The Orgasmatron

Reverend Billy

Look Alike Contest at Silicon Village

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