Steve's Burning Man Images - 2013 - Miscellaneous

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white procession (drone in 2 images)

marathon runner, triathlon runner

triathlon, including swim portion

DERT - Domestic Entropy Reduction Team, cleans up Black Rock Center for Unlearning

English Garden Tea Party at Albion

Arctica truck driver, Black Rock Boutique

Swagmart hat branding, Black Rock Hardware repair

Desert Morning bread bake, including health certificate

Black Rock Yearbook, Free Photography Zone

Costco staff, Dr. Playa nurses

Cotton Candy Camp, French Quarter

The Dump, First Camp

Bus Depot bowling, Silicon Village Dr. Kilovolt

Pickle Joint, The Hangout

Homebrew chocolate tasting, Lamplighters cider party

Silicon Village zipline, Hair of the Dog under construction

Carnival of Bad Decisions, Pillow Punch

Playadentity, Black Rock City Post Office

Recycle Camp

Recycle Camp, Vulcantown

BMIR, Slutgarden

Tango'd Up In Blues, Sacred Spaces

excavation at Burning Tarot Unearthed

Gushing Woman ceremony at Burning Tarot

discussion at Burning Tarot, Transformative Meditation with headphones at Center Camp

Black Rock Rangers, BLM/Pershing County Sherrifs

Center Camp Cafe

Center Camp mime, She's Excited

Dixon's Violin, Quetzal

Rootz Unlimited

Naked Hand Dance

Dotan Negrin, Kevin Bourque

Guitarist at Dustfish, aerialist accompaniment

Battle of the Bands, Center Camp

Burning Band

$teven Ra$pa, Gamelen X

more Gamelen X

Procession before burn of the man, Burners Lost

people looking at the What, When, Where Guide

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