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As part of the Art Documentation Team, my assigned area was 2 quadrants that together made a semicircle that could be invisioned as the north half of the area inside the Esplanade, if the Esplanade were an entire circle. In other words, approximately everything in the area bounded by 3:00, the man, 9:00, the temple, and back to 3:00. Therefore, most of these images come from that assigned area.

I do have photos of nearly all, if not all, of the artwork from within that area.

Abu Ghraib by Robert Kaye

All Our Relations by Sharon Strong

more of All Our Relations by Sharon Strong

Altered State by Kate Raudenbush

more of Altered State by Kate Raudenbush

Babylon by Arthur Rodriguez, Raiser Development LLC

Bummer by Myk Henry

Bummer and the artist on his bike

Checkpoint Dreamyourtopia

frisking at Checkpoint Dreamyourtopia

Elevation by Michael Christian et al


Elevation - I had taken several photos of this without people on it. Then, a big rave music truck pulled up and these people jumped out and immediately climbed to the top. As the music thumped I clicked away at the camera. When I left the scene, I started laughing. Its not that there was anything particularly funny going on, it was just one of those pure joy situations - being so immersed and happy in the experience.




Elevation - after the burn of the man, when everything was just a little different

Harmonic Geometry.

Illusion by Benson Trent, Daniel Holsinger, Jay Christianson & Thomas Bowen

Legends of America by James Cole

Legends of America, I have individual shots of all the legends.

This Legend belongs in SantaCon.

Man Gwyn Man Draw?: The Promised Land by Dafydd Roberts and Joe Roberts

Man Gwyn Man Draw? - taken from inside the "wheat" structure - it feels kind of creepy to me, as if the sheep can't be stopped.

Man Gwyn Man Draw? - there were a few images this year that I took well past sunset, past most of the nice cloud colors, that still look interesting to me - in the dim, minimal light. I've read that many photographers prefer sunset over sunrise because the light keeps on doing interesting things over a much longer period of time, as compared to sunrise.

Man Gwyn Man Draw? - if you see a greyscale image, its very likely that I used Virtual Photographer, a free software plug-in from OptikVerve Labs.

Man Gwyn Man Draw? - this photo and the next have that thing going on where someone is in the background, kind of oblivious, yet somehow adding to the image. Maybe they are like a proxy for the person looking at the photo, to put you mentally inside the image.

Ministry of Propaganda by Jim Genaro

NOPLUA by Moonrock Collective - many of these images make use of a circular polarizer. I had upgraded to a better one specifically for use at Burning Man.

Popaver Rubrum Giganteum by Gary Miller.

Popaver Rubrum Giganteum

Popaver Rubrum Giganteum

Rock Opera "In My Dream" - the pyramid - by Ronnie Nelson

Rock Opera "In My Dream" - the performance

Rock Opera "In My Dream" - the performance

Skyline by Robert Bose

Snow Dance by Gary M. Raydon - very well done memorial to a someone who died while skiing, and missed their first Burning Man.

SOL by Alex Nolan and Justin Grant (possibly in the image)

Spores by Quentin Davis

more Spores - I was trying to make this piece seem larger than it was - as if it was igloo sized - in actuality the structures were about a foot tall.

Spread Eagle by Bryan Tedrick

more Spread Eagle - I took some with people in the ring as well, overall though it seemed better to me in isolation. Maybe someone in silhouette would have worked well.

more Spread Eagle

Not sure, I think this is: Stargazer by Nicholas Herman

Torii Gate Wind Chimes by Dave Keller

You Are All So Many of Me by Michael Emery. The artist was at this installation when I did the photos and we tried painting it with a flashlight and green laser pen as seen here.

You Are All So Many of Me - this is with the DVD projectors that are part of the installation, plus my green laser painting the interior.

You Are All So Many of Me - just the original DVD projections without any added embellishment.

Flaming Lotus Girls installation - outside my quadrants so didn't spend a lot of time with it.

domes along the Esplanade

Center Camp as seen from the Shiva Vista stage tower

camera batteries being recharged from a generator

We burned our 4'X7' "blank tarot card" which had been a photographic backdrop at our camp.

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