Steve's Burning Man Images - 2008 - The Man

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A lot of dust in the air. So, if its dusty and windy and nasty out, should you hide in camp, or is that the perfect time to get some dramatic imagery?

A 4 pointed star filter in use.

I thought this was an interesting part of the burn - looking like a champagne bottle uncorked.

This was the first burn (out of 10) where I arrived later and did not have a front row position. Although there are disadvantages to being back in the crowd in terms of setting up gear, there is an advantage to getting some of the crowd in the image. I think I may opt for this position (about 10 people back) again next year.

I'm starting to think that an earlier camera I had (SONY F-717) was better suited to imaging burning structures - better ability to get the range in contrast - as compared to my current SONY DSC-R1. Anyway, here is a longer exposure that makes the fire look softer.

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