Steve's Burning Man Images - 2008 - Miss Black Rock City

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In my 10th year at Burning Man, this was the first time I checked out the beauty pageant - well worth it!

Pre-show parading around.

Together, this pair called themselves "Miss Lane County".

Contestant demonstrates how to make a chapstick lanyard, in the talent section of the show. See the guy with the big camera sitting down in the audience? He had an official PRESS badge. Before the event started he was over where I was and suggested that I should go across the way for a free drink. I declined. I think maybe it was a pro photographer's trick to take over a good location (from me).

Miss Cameltoepia gets my vote - for her sparkling personality and spirit of volunteerism.

The next batch of photos were mostly taken as contestants left the stage, right where I was. There was a white background there, and I thought it might be fun to get them in paparazzi style, as they walked past. I also postprocessed many of these images with the Virtual Photographer plug-in by OptikVerve Labs. Specifically, I used the "glamour" preset, and then went back and sharpened the image in Paint Shop Pro.

After the show, our previously mentioned PRESS photog, had the contestants go out onto the playa where the light was better. I followed along and had a great time as he coaxed them into lining up and posing. You can see that they are looking over towards where he was, for the most part. Still, this was tremendous fun and I like the images. What a group!

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