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My theme camp was "Tarotist Training Camp." Miss Magdalen read tarot cards for people. We also made a "blank card" and had people pose in front of it, in order to make a tarot card deck with burners as characters. If you participated in this process, keep in contact with me: Steve's Email regarding the eventual posting of the deck on the web. I can also send you high resolution versions of the images. There are many images of other people that came out well, but we are limiting posting these till the deck is ready. This is Kristi - after taking this photo and looking at it on the camera, we knew right away it was awesome! Kristi contacted me post event and she has her high rez versions of this and a 2nd photo. Thanks Kristi!

Miss Magdalen, our very own card reader. I made use of two alienbees AB1600 flash units powered by the Vagabond II battery system. No umbrellas were used due to wind concerns. You can see some unwanted shadow in this image, but overall, I'm very happy with how these came out. I think I'll try to do something similar next year, maybe not on the tarot card theme, but making use of the studio flashes for photographing people.

The Burning Sam parade, Rich leading the way.

Stormfeather coordinating the parade.

Stormfeather with a friend and a beer.

The Burning Ban joined the parade.

I want to take much better lamplighter photos but I'm just not there yet.

These are an improvement over my past attempts, but I need to think more about how to photograph them for maximum effect.

Another wedding! The Shiva Vista Stage. Bonus smoke ring.

Taken from the stage control tower.

Blurry image of bride tossing bouquet.

March Forth prior to the burn of the man.

These guys were behind me at the burn of the man. I've had subsequent contact and they have a high rez version.

White Procession to the Temple. Most of the photos I took of this did not come out well. I tried using the "amberdome" accessory on the Gary Fong flash diffuser to match the flash to the light of dawn. However, I didn't like how it made the people's clothing yellow, so I corrected it back in post processing. I'll have to think this one over some more as far as another attempt next year.

Dawn is breaking on the mountain top.

2nd image is after arriving at the Temple.

Bunny Nation convert.

Arachnophobia, our neighbors, under construction.

Aurora at the end of the first day, after having been up all night for the ride in, then setting up camp all day after arrival.

Resting up during a dust storm. Jack Daniels was placed next to her for added effect.

Aurora and her uncle in Alturas, on the way home. He was a burner in the mid-1990's!

Allison in full protective gear at the height of a dust storm. Photographer dude in her goggles.

Our own Magdalen aka Tiffany.

More parasol fun.

The Jack Daniels bottle is so iconic.

with CameraGirl - thank you Heather!

with LadyBee - thank you so much for everything! We went different routes on the hair stylings.

with Kim Smith Ph.D., seen below delivering a lecture at Center Camp.

I am thoroughly exhausted by the entire experience and need a nap on a dusty pillow, next to the cooler.

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