Steve's Burning Man Images - 2001

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Bruno's Cafe...busy times in Gerlach...

Sighting of Black Rock City!

6 more BRC view pictures. These were mostly taken from around 3:30.

More images of art/objects.

This was part of my birth certificate as provided by Camp Conception. So, who out there was really born in Red Deer, Alberta?

2 more pictures from the "Ladies Bicycle Rally" :-) .

36 more people pictures.

The Plastic Wedding Chapel.

Each year, at the wonderful DPW parade, this guy yells at me with his megaphone saying that he is more alive than I am, because he's in a parade and I'm taking pictures on the sidelines. 10 more DPW parade pictures.

I converted the images of the beloved Dr. MegaVolt to greyscale. In this picture, the electricity is arcing off his feet, to the playa surface. 6 more images of Dr. MegaVolt. Also, have a look at this year 2000 short mpeg video of him doing his thing.

The Emerald City:

Rebecca's Carthedral at the Mausoleum burn. Many more art car pictures.

Posing with the webmaster of My Zentra didn't go to BRC but it is on his site.

Steve P and Megan s Elephant Thing car! Thanks so much for all the rides! 6 more pictures of the elephant people.

2 more pictures of Tom Kennedy (his art car).

6 more Lion images.

Dinosaurs roaming Lake Lahontan:

This appears to be a double image. Actually, it is a camcorder capture, with the camcorder using a "still" effect - the closeup is still, the background dancers were moving. 8 more fire dancing pictures.

Testing the fire equipment...smoke rings...

10 more man at sunrise or sihoutted by the sun pictures.

This image was taken with a "solarize" effect on. 4 more pictures of the man during the day.

10 more images of the man at sunset. I hope you are getting your fill of man pictures!

The man at night.

5 more images of fireworks at the burn of the man.

4 more dust devil images from the burn of the man. Incredibly freaky phenomenom!

This was hot!! 6 more images of the burn including the fall of the man. Also, you can check out a short mpeg video of the year 2000 burn.

The mausoleum at sunrise. It burned during something of a dust storm. As a result, the intense fire lit up the dust in these images, causing the atmosphere to glow orange. See the images from the mausoleum burn.

4 more Pyromid pictures.

The Ziggarut didn't want to burn, despite all the hype...

The camcorder wears Magic Glasses!

A completed Seven Ages of Man Passport!!

Leaving Black Rock City.

If you would like a higher resolution of any picture (not all available) or if there is a problem picture, feel free to email me.