cricket on the hearth


The Columbia Street Seisiun

Seisiun Tune List - A printable list of tunes frequently played at the seisiuns.

Bands -

Before The Mast
(Sea Songs and Shanties)

Budd Bay Buccaneers
(Scallywags and Scoundrels)

Constellation's Crew
(Hank Cramer & Northwest musicians sing historical Shanties and Sea Songs)

Cricket On The Hearth

Snake Oil
(Old Time/Bluegrass)

On the Air -

Wheels of the World
On KAOS 89.3 FM, in Olympia, WA.


Burt & Di Meyer  and Dusty Rhodes
Traditional Irish, Celtic, and American Folk Music

Much of America’s folk music has its roots in Ireland and other regions of Celtic culture. CRICKET ON THE HEARTH plays these tunes and sings these songs with style and gusto, provides historical background, and gets feet tapping and voices singing along.

Burt & Di Meyer have been involved in folk music in the Olympia area since the mid-60's. They helped found the OLYMPIA FOLKLORE SOCIETY and, later, the APPLEJAM FOLK CENTER, the TUMWATER BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL, the COLUMBIA STREET IRISH SEISIUN, the IRISH COTTAGE FAIR, and the OLDTIME MEDICINE SHOW. They also play in the old-time/bluegrass group SNAKE OIL.

Dusty Rhodes is a well-known and respected Olympia folksinger who has opened for several national acts including Arlo Guthrie and the Kingston Trio. His uniquely charming voice and his considerable skill on banjo and guitar added to Amy’s fiddle, Burt's lively concertina, melodian, and bodhran, and Di's bass make for a memorable and entertaining program.

OF NOTE: Dusty, Burt, and Di are members of the sea shanty group BEFORE THE MAST they can easily include songs of the sea in their performance, if you wish, or even do an entire program of nautical music.
They also love to do parties with a "60s Hootenannie" theme, where they lead "boomers" and "pre-boomers" in sing-alongs of  that era.

For booking info, booking, or CD contact:

Burt Meyer 
1630 Madrona Bch Rd NW
Olympia WA 98502

phone: (360) 866-4296


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