The Columbia Street Seisiun

Seisiun Tune List - A printable list of tunes frequently played at the seisiuns.

Bands -

Before The Mast
(Sea Songs and Shanties)

Budd Bay Buccaneers
(Scallywags and Scoundrels)

Constellation's Crew
(Hank Cramer & Northwest musicians sing historical Shanties and Sea Songs)

Cricket On The Hearth

Snake Oil
(Old Time/Bluegrass)

On the Air -

Wheels of the World  
On KAOS 89.3 FM, in Olympia, WA.


The Columbia Street Irish Seisiun held weekly Wednesday sessions from 1992 through 2007, first at Clancy's Columbia St Pub, then at the Fishtale BrewPub, then, finally, at Tugboat Annie's.  In 2008 they held monthly "Hooleys".  Now they get together for special events, like the "New Year's in Dublin" hooley, which happens on Dec 31 from 2 - 4 at Tugboat Annie's.  Seisiun members still hold sessions, sometimes public, but more often private.  The tune list will be updated from time to time.  The description below the picture is for historical purpose.

Seisiun photo

      The Columbia Street Seisiun

A seisiun may be "closed" where only certain musicians may play, or "open", as is the one at Tugboat Annie's, where anyone with enough ability to add to (or not detract from) the music is welcome. Half a dozen "regulars" lay down a strong foundation on fiddle, concertina, guitar, banjo, flute, mandolin, and penny whistle. The sound swells as the "occasionals" add instruments, such as bodhran (Irish frame drum), button accordian, harmonica, bass, cittern, bones, and several sorts of bagpipes. After 3 or 4 tunes the musicians give their fingers a rest as an unaccompanied voice leads a song with a chorus for all, patrons included, to sing along.

A seisiun is neither a performance nor is it a band, but after several years of playing together the sound was getting "tight", and requests to "play out" at weddings, parties, and festivals came from enthused patrons. So - the Columbia Street Seisiun Band evolved and is now available to play for your event. Their fee is reasonable (the money goes for transportation, putting on workshops, or, for the next pitcher of Guiness). We can't tell you how many musicians will show up or give you all their names because the band, like the seisiun, is "open". But we can promise at least a "half a dozen" who will bring with them the authentic music and feel of one of Erin's favorite traditions - the Irish seisiun!


For information or bookings: 

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