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Folks, it's here!  The DEFINITIVE Highway 80 guide across the American Southwest!  CLICK HERE!

Route 66 Links 
(There are so many good ones, please do not feel left out if you're not listed)

National Route 66 Association  
Illinois Route 66 Association  
Missouri Route 66 Association -Very well-done site with several, personal old photos in a slideshow.
Kansas Route 66 Association -Glad folks in Kansas have picked up the association torch and carried it on!
Olahoma Route 66 Association  
Texas Route 66 Association  
New Mexico Route 66 Association -Great website!  Historic photos, etc.
Arizona Route 66 Association -Very nicely done site. I especially love the animated Burma-style signs on the logo!
California Historic Route 66 Association  
California Route 66 Preservation Foundation -Wish more states had programs like this!
Dutch Route 66 Association -How cool is this?  Our Dutch brethren enjoying the wide-open United States on the Mother Road...
Area 51 Tours -Follow Frank & Ryan in yet another grand adventure in the ER4-B!.  
Arizona Reporter-66 -Good info on activities in the SW. 
Arizona Route 66 -David has a fine site chock full of good personal photos, old photos and local history of (you guessed it), Arizona!
Ghost Town Press -More goodies from co-conspirators Ross & McClanahan!  What a wealth of knowledge these guys bring to the table.
Greetings from 66-Postcards -Joe Sonderman's terrific site profiling literally hundreds of Route 66 postcards.  Looking for a card?  Joe probably has it here. 
Hampton's Hidden Landmarks -Though I may not be particularly fond of some of their 'loud' signs, one cannot fault the wonderful efforts being put forth by this company.  For example, look for the Route 66 section for a great line-up of familiar and not so familiar landmarks along the way!
Historic U. S. Highway 66 Through Arizona on Vintage Postcards -Retired paleontologist/geologist Jack Mount has an incredible site filled with thousands of links to his myriad interest.  Thankfully for us, this includes Route 66 through Arizona postcards-many of which I have not seen before.
Illinois Historic Route 66 -Steve Look has some great photo vignettes to check out!  Many places I had not seen or heard of before.
Legends of America-Route 66 -Enjoy Kathy's Mother Road 'Emporium'.  Photos, facts, links and more.  
Postcards From the Road -Laurel Kane, the Yahoo 66 E-groups resident postcard expert, shares many treasures from her vast collection of 66 history. 
Road Trip Memories -Follow the 'Road Maven & Maveness' on their grand trips around 66 and the country.  Very well done & fun site.
Route 66 Magazine -Always fun and informative, kudos to the Laughlin gang  for putting so much love and devotion into every issue!
Route 66 Memories -Submit your own personal experiences along the Mother Road for the rest of us to enjoy!  Help Joyce keep those thoughts alive...
Route 66 News -Ron Warnick's clearinghouse of Mother Road events, news and  reviews.  If it involves ol' 66, you can bet Ron's blogging about it!
Route 66 University -Another good starting point for the 66 novice.  Roadside businesses, web links, photos and more!
Route 66 Web & Atlas -Stefan Joppich's extraordinary labor of love.  Detailed maps state by state.
Shadows of Old Route 66 -Our friend Guy Randall's site.  From budding journalist to well respected roadie, follow Guy's adventures here.
Shellee Graham -It was Shellee's 'Return to Route 66' postcard booklet that started the whole thing!  Be sure to check out her Coral Court book as well. 
Suitable for Framing Gallery -Little slow loading, but some really good pics here.  Wish there was a little background info to go along with them.
Windy City Road Warrior -THE place to go for Route 66 information and other named trails in the metro Chicago/Illinois area.
Yahoo Groups-Route 66 -What a great group and a great resource.  Have a question?  These folks will have the knowledge/contacts to get an answer!

66 Rest Stops:

Ariston Cafe-Litchfield, Ill -I couldn't get in-the line was too long!  Enough said...this has to be a good sign
Bagdad Cafe-Newberry Springs -Simple food, simple price, but good service.  Be sure to stop. 
Big Texan Steak Ranch-Amarillo -Though technically not on 66 anymore, I can think of no better place to eat & sleep in the Amarillo area.
Blue Swallow-Tucumcari -CURRENTLY FOR SALE    :( 
Cool Springs Camp-Oatman Area -Back in Action!  Help Ned keep up his great restoration project by buying at least a soft drink  Terrific work Ned!
Cozy Dog Drive In-Springfield -An unequivocally American establishment.  Be sure to try one. 
Desert Hills Motel-Tulsa, OK -With an outstanding neon display at night, help support the Patel's as they lovingly care for one of Tulsa's true roadie treasures.
El Rancho Hotel-Gallup, NM -I have heard conflicting stories, but I have stayed here three times in the historic part of the hotel and had a fine time.
Funks Grove-Funks Grove, IL -I wouldn't dally...they sell out of their prized syrup products very quickly!
The Grand Motel-Williams, AZ -Quickly regaining a reputation for friendly, comfortable and clean rooms at a reasonable price.  Support them if you can.
Hotel Albuquerque-Albuquerque, NM -Host to the 2006 Albuquerque Festival, be sure to check out the  recently renovated rooms.  If it's been awhile, try it again!
La Posada Hotel-Winslow -Experience the charm and elegance of a true Harvey House.
Munger Moss Motel-Lebanon, MO -Help support these long-time roadies who have been providing a much needed service for decades!
Rock Cafe-Stroud, OK -I am holding this spot open until they can get a website back up and running after their terrible loss.
Rod's Steakhouse-Williams -Since the 40's, Rod's has generated thousands of repeat offenders for a good reason...good food!
Ted Drewes Frozen Custard-St. Louis -I loved this place even BEFORE I found out about ol' 66.  A St. Louis tradition for a delicious reason...
Wigwam Motel-Holbrook -I've slept in a teepee...why don't you?!
Wigwam Motel-San Bernardino -They spent oodles on acquiring and restoring the property, let's help make sure it is a success!  Stay with them.

Highways 80/99/101 * Broadway of America (BOA) Links

Drive the Old Spanish Trail -John Murphy of Santa Fe has spent hundreds of hours digging up old maps, old photos and old lore of one of America's premier  'named routes'.  Check out his developing work here.
Henry Methvin -Created by a relative of Henry Methvin (the last surviving member of Bonnie & Clyde's gang), this page is chock full of related info.  Includes fascinating maps, pics and snippets of the area around and including old 80 in the Minden, LA area.
Historic U. S. Highway 80 Through Arizona on Vintage Postcards -Retired paleontologist/geologist Jack Mount has an incredible site filled with thousands of links to his myriad interest.  Thankfully for us, this includes historic Highway 80 through Arizona - many of which I have not seen before.
Houston Freeways -A terrific resource for old maps, old photos (mostly of the interstates) and historical data from 'The Republic of Texas'.  
Narrow Road Communications -One of the true roadie pioneers, Eric Finley's The Old U.S. 80 Highway Traveler's Guide (Phoenix-San Diego) book was one of my inspirations for creating my own Drive the Broadway of America guidebook.  If you can find a copy of his book, you should nab it for a peek into the way old Highway 80 was circa the mid-1990's.
New Mexico Highway & Road Info -A very informative site full of historical links and maps.  Though I'm primarily interested in Hwy 80, all roads are covered.
Parsa's American Roads -Steve Parsa has become a force in the roadie world.  Steve helped bring about the Historic U.S. 80 signage in So. California.  Steve's many road trips and uploading of his pics to be able to be virtually followed online is a technical marvel.  You have to check out this site.
U.S. 80 Guide -Good guide to finding remnants in the Southwest of one of the true trans-continental 1926 highways.  The Wildwood Glenn side-trip is especially interesting ( I know from personal experience!).
 U.S. 80 & The Dixie-Overland Hwy -Good history and some interesting 1st-hand accounts of early travel  across the Southwest.
The Garland Landmark Society -Great coverage of the BHH and BOA history in the Garland, TX area (NE Dallas area).  Vintage photos abound with links to essays by local historians.
99-The Ridge Route -It always wasn't so easy to get from here to there!  Some great 'Now & Then' shots in the gallery section.   
 Portland -Mr. Hall shares some of his photos with us, including the Steel & Broadway bridges used by 99.
Ends of U.S. 99 & Other Highways -"And where does that highways lead to?"  Interesting stuff & photos from Map-guy Dale Sanderson!  I've been able to help with highways 64/89/89A/99/99E&W/101/160/191 & 666!
Finding U.S. 99 Guide -Part of  'Guide to Historic California Highways'. 
Historic Bridges of Portland -James Norman has put together some great info on many of the historic bridges in Oregon.  Good stuff on 101 bridges too!
Historical Highways of So. California -Recognized highway expert & junkie, Mike Ballard is one busy fella.  More info here on 99 & other So. California highways.
Living Gold Press -Jill & Kathryn are doing for 99 what others have done for 66. 
Retro Motels of Highway 99 -Larry has compiled a quick and easy look at some of the oldies but goodies in the Seattle-Lynnwood area of washington
Washington State D.O.T. Images -Historical images from Washington State D.O.T archives.  Has both 99 & 101images.
Yahoo Groups-Highway 99 -Similar to the 66 group.  Share your photos and experiences! 
1940's Tour of Hwy 101 in Oregon -Interesting site.  Historical info and fun photos! 
Oregon's Coastal Bridges

The Jewels of 101 Oregon's Coastal Bridges.  Story by Rhonda Ostertag and photos by George Ostertag.  Great photos!

Oregon Coast Guide- Scenic 101 -Online Highways has provided quite a few useful links to many modern facilities and attractions along 101 & Oregon's Coast.
U.S. Highway 101-El Camino Real -Part of 'Guide to Historic California Highways'. 

Highway 80 Rest Stops:

The Copper Queen Hotel-Bisbee, AZ -Built in 1902, the Queen has seen thousands of guests and celebrities through the years.  Join the crowd!
The Shady Dell RV Park & Motel- Bisbee, AZ -Spend the night in a vintage Airstream trailer or Boat!  Also be sure to enjoy Dot's diner next door.
Best Western Coronado Motel-Yuma, AZ -Since the 1930's, the Coronado has been THE place to stay in Yuma.  From personal experience, I recommend roms128-130 on the north side-closer to the restaurant!

Highway 99 & 101 Rest Stops:

The Bomber Cafe-Portland, OR (99) -Since 1948, the Lacey family has been serving the motoring public under the guardian wings of a vintage B-17 Bomber.  Long a local landmark, if you're in the south Portland area, you must stop on in!
Clark's Travel Center-Indio, CA (99) -Bruce Clark has been an icon on 99 for decades.  Be sure to stop in and see his free sign museum, his great 99 mural and fill up on food/gas and anything else you might need!  
The Park Motel-Florence, OR (101) -I didn't stay here, but I took a photo of the grounds and sign.  Looked very clean & cozy.   I'm going to try it next time through.

Other Bygone Byways Links to Great Stuff!

American Road Magazine -Thomas Repp, Jim Ross and other Mock Turtles bring you the best photography, storytelling and roadie history in this great publication.
American Road Magazine Forums -There are more roads in the U.S. than Route 66.  Tells us about your favorite ribbon of highway and fun memory/experience.
American Roads -Steve Parsa's great site.  Steve was instrumental in getting old Highway 80 designated as a historic highway in California.  Many very detailed PDF maps as well.
Back On Tack -Did you know Salt lake City eats more Jello than anywhere else?!  Find out that and more goofy East Coast stuff here!
'C' Blocks-California's Right of Way Markers -Used from aprox. 1914 until the mid-thirties, spying one of these old right-of-way markers will ensure that you are on or near the old road.
Cinema Treasures -Incredible amount of info here on classic movie houses past & present.  Contribute info if you can to help this worthy endeavor.
Historic California U.S. Highways -Want to know anything at all about a California Highway?  Start with Casey Cooper's awesome site!
Las Vegas Strip Website -A great site detailing the history of some of the most famous (and infamous) characters and clubs 'on the strip'. 
L.A. Time Machines -A look at vintage Los Angeles establishments from our 'man on the street', Jonathan.  A little slow loading, but some gems in here!
Lost America Night Photography -Stunning surreal lighting and photography.  A must-see website.  Links and tips.
Motel Americana -Another great site.  Fantastic photos, great information-I wish I  could travel around like these guys!  
National Auto Trails -A very broad brush but good starting point for the new roadie.  Find  out if one of the old national trails went near your hometown!
Primarily Petroliana -For those interested in old gas station memorabilia, this site offers  everything from auctions/events and other contacts.
Road Map Collectors Association -Since so many of us roadies can't get around without a historical  map or twenty, here's a great link to those that will never get lost!
Roadside America -One of my favorite sites!  Offbeat stuff from everywhere!  I've been  able to contribute a couple of 'muffler man' shots! 
Roadside Peak -Syd, the intrepid photographer lives on-capturing just about  anything and  everything!  From Googie to Tiki, here it is!
Space Age City -An exploration into all things 'Googie'!  Lots of photos, history, etc. 
Stuck on Stuckeys -C'mon, we all remember pecan goodies and wooden bowls!  A fun  website from Professor P. Kahn highlighting all things related to Stuckeys-past & present.  I've contributed several Stuckey shots. -I was contacted by the folks that maintain the REAL Stuckeys.  They pointed me to a section of the Stuckey's web with several  terrific vintage photos.  Perhaps YOU visited one of these!
U.S. Highways -Rob Droz has an incredible amount of info here.  Route 66, Highways 80, 99, 101 & much more!  What dedication!
USA Yesterday and Today -More shots of vanishing Americana.  
Valentine Diners-A History -A profile of those once ubiquitous Valentine Diners from the Kansas  State Historical Society.
Wigwam Nation -A fun look at Motels/Diners and Stations that used that most  classic of western looks-the teepee as their draw.
Zero Mile Marker in Washington D.C. -This was mile 0.0 for many of the early 'named routes' such as the  Broadway of America, The Bankhead Highway; the Lincoln Highway  and the National Old Trails Road!

The Shopping Cart!  Links to sites featuring cool roadie and retro goodies for sale.  Sure to please!

King Neon Art Galleries - The terrific artwork of James Gucwa as seen in galleries around the  country.  Checkout his 'Signs of Art' book as well.
Michael Baum Art -You've probably seen his work in galleries.  Focusing on roadside
 America and wide open vistas, peruse Michael's wide variety of great whimsical & real works of art here!
Motels of the Southwest -Sharing a love of vintage neon, Douglas Towne has put together a  nice neon poster and links to neon related sites.
Route 66 Photographs -A new (summer 2006) site from prolific authors and photographers Jim Ross & Shellee Graham, a stop here will show you why they are so well known and important to the Route 66 community...

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