Georgia 80
(Bygone Byways(TM) since 2001)


Well, a fellow roadie of similar abnormal bent has heard the call for aid and responded with a valiant effort!  Chris Hunger of Savannah has provided all of the pics and info on this page.  Starting at the coast and working inland, enjoy these photos of the very easternmost points possible to get to on Highway 80.  My jaunts in Texas, Arizona and San Diego seem to be an impossibly long way away.  Chris, thanks for sharing your Highway 80 experiences with the world and we look forward to seeing more from ya!

Though decommissioned in the west, old 80 still begins in the east just as it always has-Tybee Island outside of Savanna, Georgia 80-GA-Tybee Island-Pier 1.JPG (99551 bytes)to be exact.  And even as old Route 66 has its unofficial ending at the Santa Monica pier, Highway 80 has its unofficial beginning at a pier as well.  Known as the Tybrias or Tybee Pier, many big bands such as Benny Goodman and other played here during the big band era.  Though the original burnt in '67, the newer pier still functions as a band shell, picnic area and communal focal point.


Here we are in the small community of Tybee Island.  And even though to us any trip here will obviously end at the ocean's edge,80-GA-Tybee Island-us80offbegin.jpg (118095 bytes) apparently the Federal Government doesn't believe so.  Thanks to Chris, here's a pic of the official start of Highway80-GA-Tybee Island-shield2.jpg (51916 bytes) 80 (16th Street and Butler Avenue) looking west.  From here on, here's the sign we'll see!



As with any coastal community, fishing boats, gulls and water abound!  Can't you almost smell the salt in the air and hear the 80-GA-Tybee Island-Lazaretto Creek Bridge 1.JPG (88649 bytes)gentle tinkle of stowed rigging as you check out these great pics of the Lazaretto Creek area?  The first is looking out 80-GA-Tybee Island-Lazaretto Creek Orig Xing 1.JPG (149066 bytes)the mouth of Lazaretto Creek under the newer Highway 80 bridge towards the small lighthouse at 80-GA-Tybee Island-Lazaretto Creek 2.JPG (88325 bytes)the coast.  The second is looking east over the remains of the original Highway 80 crossing.  And just west of the creek heading west, hard to believe this rural stretch of road was the interstate of its day!  BTW, Lazaretto Creek forms the eastern boundary of the Fort Pulaski National Monument grounds.  Fort Pulaski was the site of an early Union victory and forever changed the course of warfare by introducing rifled cannonry.  


Before we get to Savannah proper, 80 encounters another watery obstacle-the Bull River.  As can be seen by this beautiful pic,80-GA-Tybee Island-Bull River Bridges 1.JPG (77178 bytes) there have been at least two attempts to cross the river.  Look beyond the old can see the original roadbed in the tree line across the river.  From there, Savanna is but a short hop away, and 80 begins its long westward trek across the continent.


Again, thanks for your help along the East Coast there Chris as it may be quite some time before I ever get out that way.  And in addition, folks, Chris is a member of the Georgia Air Guard.  Thanks for your service sir!  If it weren't for guys like you, we wouldn't be able to drive around our great country on a whim.  We have no passports...just the open road and the ability to indulge ourselves in silly hobbies like exploring America's unique roadside culture.  Salute!


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