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     Can't live without that photo...that memory?  Let me help.  Found something that would go perfect with that newspaper article or magazine, talk to me. 

Though not a professional photographer by trade, I am getting to that point where I can no longer afford to keep giving my photos away for free.  However, my desire first and foremost is to help promote & protect America's rapidly vanishing unique roadside culture so my reproduction and ordering fees are very modest compared to most professional photographers.  At this point, all pics will be sent in electronic format via e-mail or CD.  I hope to be able to provide 8X10 images for sale/publication soon!  A schedule is as follows and please note that any agreement is under a *NON-EXCLUSIVITY* clause unless negotiated otherwise:

 Magazine Usage Fees Based Upon Run Size:

Book Usage Fees Based Upon Run Size:

Under 20,000 circulation $50.00 Under 10,000 circulation $50.00
20,000 - 49,999 circulation $75.00 10,000 - 24,999 circulation $75.00
50,000 - 99,999 circulation $100.00 25,000 - 49,999 circulation $100.00
Over 100,000 circulation $150.00 Over 50,000 circulation $150.00
Magazine Cover $250.00 Book Cover $250.00



Poster / Flyer / CD / DVD / Video ----cover $150.00 one time PLUS $0.10 per copy.
Flyer / CD / DVD / Video-----------------inside jacket or material $50.00 one-time plus $.010 per copy.


WEB Usage Fees:

Border, Button or small part of web page. $25.00 per image.
Main focal point of webpage or full page background. $50.00 per image.


One-Time Fees IN ADDITION to any published run schedules listed above:

bulletFilm print, postcard image etc. needing rescanned
(e.g., the file on my web is unsuitable for a hi-rez image).
$15.00 handling fee.

           Note that film files will be scanned at 300 DPI-the density required for most publishers.  Higher scans possibly available, e-mail request.

bulletDigital Images-'touched up' data
$15.00 handling fee.  Image will be touched up to make it match what is seen on the web 'as closely as possible'.   No guarantees of a 100% match.  I'm getting much better at digital manipulation, but I cannot produce the same exact result every time!

If image is NOT on the web, image will be made as *life-like* as possible with natural color balance, etc.


If a CD is needed or requested due to poor internet connections, etc., an additional $5.00 fee will apply and CD will be sent regular 'snail mail' with actual mailing charges added.



Restrictions:  I run an honest, family oriented website.  At *NO TIME* may any image be used for any liquor, cigarette, adult-oriented project or promotion.  I reserve the right to make any final usage decisions.

Please e-mail me with any requests, questions etc.  I try to always be professional and will answer you as soon as I can.
Cheers, Jeff in Tucson

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