Texas 80
(Bygone Byways(TM) since 2001)

     On and on and on and on.  With nothing but the odometer and the ubiquitous creosote bush for company,  one begins to wonder 'Will Texas ever end?'  Boy, if you feel that way today on the interstates, can you imagine what it must have been like for the early traveler?  Just might as well relax like this good 'ol boy!  There's an early roadie postcard that reads "The sun has riz, the sun has set, and here we is, in Texas yet!"  'Nuf said.

     Well pardner, with over 800 miles of old highway 80 to explore (per my 1940 Champlin road map) a boy could probably explore Texas 80 for years and not find everything so we've just gotta jump on in and grab the bull by the horns.  So grab hold of the bridle and let's check out whichever part of the state you want to rope first: a few pics of the wooded eastern part of the state, the rolling hills of the central part of the state, or the vast expanses of Judge Roy Bean's west Texas.  The choice is yours, so giddy-yup! 

Author's Note:  Again, I realize that many of these pages are large and slow loading, but they're laden with pics and I sure think it's worth the wait!

Check out my COMPLETELY ROAD-TESTED Texas Highway 80 driving directions...just click on the animated cars below!
(I realize that these are large, slow-loading pages, but the intrepid roadie will  appreciate the wealth of information here...after all, Texas IS a big state!)

West Texas
(Abilene & west)

Central Texas
(Dallas to Abilene - includes the historic alternate alignments)

East Texas 
(Louisiana to downtown Dallas)


Visit any of these Texas locales to see some pics and get a feel for good ol' Texas 80!  C'mon!
bulletEl Paso Area
bulletTX 20 Corridor 
bulletWest Texas
bulletW. Central Texas
bulletCentral Texas
Alternate 80
bulletHistoric 80
bulletDallas/Ft. Worth
bulletEastern Texas


Just click on the text above or the Pony Express riders to the right to begin your Texas 80 journey.  Have fun!



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