Bay Boats at SF Fleetweek 2009

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Just a random collection of boats I saw out on the Bay for Fleet week.
- Bernard Zee

Here's the SFFD Guardian Fireboat #2 with Alcatraz and Tim Weber behind it.

The Narwhal is another Marine Protector class vessel.

USCGC Narwhal in the classic Golden Gate Bridge shot.

Lovely views from Lovely Martha.

The Noelani is a offshore tug operated by Greger Pacific Marine. It's also quite good at blocking shots! :-)

The queen of shot blocking has got to be the California Hornblower. Nice and tall, it all but obliterates the view when it idles in front of you!

Another master of the 'you're in the way' is the Potomac. But man, what a pretty vessel it is! Note a Blues F-18 solo coming in (in front of the bridge).

San Francisco Police zooming around in a rigid hull inflatable. That's the show center barge tied to the yellow buoy in the back.

The various tours like the Yellow and Gold Fleet are totally full for the air show cruise. That's the Oracle Challenger II making a slow and low sideways pass.

Some sailboats elected to anchor in Aquatic park, no doubt thrilling the crowds gathered there by having their masts in the way!

A pair of coastal buoy tenders - USCGC Aspen and George Cobb at YBI.

The Alameda County Sheriff gun boat looks like a PT boat of old.

The Noelani was a tug that tied up to the center barge for Friday's Blue Angel's practice. It didn't tie up for Saturday or Sunday, but it did manage to block me good Saturday!

A 25 ft. Coast Guard SAFE boat getting ready to tie up.

The USCGC Cuttyhunk headed out from YBI on Sunday.

A Coast Guard Auxilary boat patrols close to Alcatraz.

The Golden Bear is used as a training ship for the California Maritime Academy. It entered service in 1989 as the USNS Maury, and was the largest and fastest oceanographic ship in the U.S.. It was transfered to the CMA in 1996 and renamed the TS Golden Bear.

The 'Fin Yacht' Sunday.

San Francisco Police's 'SF Marine 1'.

Contra Costa Sheriff's boats. Not sure if that says Tradition, or Tradilion... of course, there's no such word as Tradilion!

A small Coast Guard 25 ft. SAFE boat enforcing the flight box zone restrictions.

That's a cute little fireboat from Southern Marin Fire and Rescue.

USCGC George Cobb is from San Pedro, CA, and is a 175 ft. Keeper class coastal buoy tender.

The Maritime Safety and Security Team (MSST) boats are the ones with machine guns!

I guess some people still had to work on Sunday!

Various boats of all sizes can be seen here during the air show. The closest is the cat sailboat Serenity.

Another shot of the TS Golden Bear, with the Blues off in the distance.

Jeremiah O'Brien is a constant fixture for Fleetweek, and can be seen cruising about the bay. A very historical ship, and probably a lot of fun to be on. They do park a ways from the air show though.

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