Fat Albert at SF Fleetweek 2009

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Fat Albert is the name given by the Blue Angels to their C-130 support plane. Not only does Fat Albert fly parts and crew to the various air shows around the country, it has its own show as well!
- Bernard Zee

The opening can come as a surprise (if you're not listening in on the announcer) as Fat Albert sneaks up from behind, flying over the city! Here's a hint: carry your portable radio, and tune in to Hot Talk KSFO - 560 AM to hear the air show.

Gears are down, and Fat Albert does a dirty pass. Pretty nice day here, and enough moisture to have the propellers leave a swirly pattern.

Crowds on the Balcutha and accompanying pier can be seen in the foreground, as Fat Albert approaches from behind and to the right.

Here's Fat Albert starting his high speed pass. Well, high speed for a 4 engined turboprop transport! Note also the horrible much that is past the Golden Gate Bridge. Can't see anything there!

It's just a fact that tall boats will get in the way!

A clear view, looking towards the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

What the..?? :-)

The C-130 circles around Alcatraz to set up for his grand exit.

Which is to fly straight towards Aquatic park ...

...coming closer...

Pulls up to pass close by overhead!

Sunday's show

It's Sunday, so no blue skies... :-(
But being on the water, I'm getting some different views of the show! Gear down shot with the Palace of Fine Arts.

Here's the high speed pass passing Fort Mason and Gashouse Cove.

Pulling up when he gets past Ghirardelli square. By the way, that's Sutro Tower sticking up in the back. One of the reasons why I can receive off the air HDTV broadcasts!

An unusual angle showing Fat Albert about to cross Alcatraz (on the far side). Notice the people lining the walls and cliff!

Fat Albert's Finale flying over the numerous boats out on the bay watching the show.

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